Saturday, May 24, 2014

A good summary of several breaches and the lack of investor response. Profits, not privacy.
Eric Chemi reports:
On May 21, Ebay revealed that it had suffered a cyber attack and data security breach, and users’ information—names, account passwords, e-mail addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, and birth dates—was exposed to hackers. While security experts, the news media, and actual EBay users may have all been alarmed, the stock investors weren’t. EBay’s stock finished trading virtually unchanged that day, dropping all of 8 pennies to $51.88.
That’s been the trend among companies that have suffered cyber attacks—the stock market practically ignores them.
Read more on Bloomberg Businessweek.

Google fiber is already much, much faster than Comcast's cable, so this isn't a problem – except I can't get Google fiber.
Google Gives Netflix Free Access to Fiber Fast Lane, Calls It a "Win-Win" Situation
Google Fiber's approach is the exact opposite of Comcast's Net neutrality is one of the biggest topics on the web right now, and lest anyone thing it's being overstated, see the spat between Netflix and Comcast. In short, Netflix inked a multi-year agreement with Comcast to ensure that its traffic is pumped into homes at the fastest speed possible to avoid buffering, low quality video, dropouts, and other undesirable effects of slowed connections. Not long after, Netflix announced it was increasing its subscription by $1 for new subscribers. In other words, it's the customers that ultimately foot the bill when big companies fight, which is why it's refreshing to see Google take a different approach.
… Having Google as your ally is a pretty big deal, but will it be enough to sway other ISPs to follow suit? Don't hold your breath.

For my Forensic and Ethical Hacking students.
How To Find What Program Is Using Your Webcam
You’re sitting in front of your computer, minding your own business, when you suddenly notice the webcam light is on. Something is looking at you — maybe even recording or broadcasting online. But what? You don’t have Skype running, and you close the browser just to make sure. The light won’t go off! What’s using that webcam?
Here’s how to tell.
[You can get the Sysinternals Suite here:

Something to bore my Statistics students with... Just because it talks about Z-scores
The Top 10 (And Counting) Education Systems In The World
… If you want to toy around with the statistics and see what factors are influencing each country in each area, you can take a few minutes to play around with the interactive graphic of cognitive skills and educational attainment.

Just for me.
… Stuart Magruder, an LA architect who’s been an outspoken opponent of LAUSD’s plans to use school construction bonds to pay for its iPad initiative, found his reappointment to the LAUSD school board blocked by other board members.
Paris Gray, vice president of her about-to-graduate class, was suspended because of her quote in the school yearbook: “When the going gets tough, just remember to Barium, Carbon, Potassium, Thorium, Astatine, Arsenic, Sulfur, Uranium, Phosphorus.” It took the school a while to decode her message, but when they did, they were angry that she was smart and because she was female and black, they felt compelled to punish her, I guess.
… The fallout continues from last week’s firing of a University of Saskatchewan tenured professor. This week, the provost resigned. The VP of Academic Design resigned. And then the board of governors fired the university president.
… Edukwest suggests that Google’s recent acquisition of Divide will “boost BYOD in schools.”

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