Monday, March 12, 2018

For my Ethical Hackers. Hiding for six years is good, but probably not a record.
Newly discovered Slingshot malware was hidden in routers for 6 years
Securelist, a division of Kaspersky Lab, has identified a highly-advanced malware family called "Slingshot," which appears to have been first deployed in 2012, and was active in February when the researchers finished their investigation. Researchers at Kaspersky Lab have identified nearly 100 targets of the Slingshot APT (advanced persistent threat) including individuals, government agencies, and organizations located primarily in Kenya, Yemen, Libya, and Afghanistan.

Educating us educators.
Blockchain May Offer a Résumé You Can Trust
Employers have struggled for years with the question: How do I know these job candidates are telling the truth about their background?
New assurance may come from a surprising place: blockchain technology.
A handful of educational institutions and technology companies are working on developing trustworthy, quickly verifiable digital diplomas...

I think Sir Tim has it backward. Should we wrap regulations around technologies that became a place for innovation because they were open (i.e. unregulated.)
Tim Berners-Lee: We need a ‘legal or regulatory framework’ to save the Web from dominant tech platforms
World Wide Web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee believes we need to regulate technology companies to help preserve the Web as we know it.
The British computer scientist issued an open letter today, 29 years to the day after he first proposed his idea for the online information management system that would later become known as the Web. In the letter, he outlined what he thinks we need to do to save the Web from the concentration of power of a “few dominant platforms” that has “made it possible to weaponize the Web at scale.”

Too simple?
My Simpleshow
My Simpleshow is a tool for building short “explainer” videos. It includes a number of template storylines that users can select as a starting point. For example, their educational templates include “explain a mathematical formula,” “interpret literature,” “introduce a biological process,” and others. There are also professional storylines (like “introduce your startup”) and personal storylines (like “invite someone to an event”). After selecting a storyline, users flesh out the template script with their specific details, select illustrations, and graphics, and select a soundtrack. A number of sample explainer videos can be found under “examples” in the menu at the top right of the site. My Simpleshow is free for personal or classroom use. A variety of paid plans are also available for business use. My Simpleshow works in any modern browser.”

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