Wednesday, January 03, 2018

It’s a work in progress.
Facebook’s Uneven Enforcement of Hate Speech Rules Allows Vile Posts to Stay Up
… We asked Facebook to explain its decisions on a sample of 49 items, sent in by people who maintained that content reviewers had erred, mostly by leaving hate speech up, or in a few instances by deleting legitimate expression. In 22 cases, Facebook said its reviewers had made a mistake. In 19, it defended the rulings. In six cases, Facebook said the content did violate its rules but its reviewers had not actually judged it one way or the other because users had not flagged it correctly, or the author had deleted it. In the other two cases, it said it didn’t have enough information to respond.

Something for my Computer Security Managers in training…
Are you a 'cyberloafer'? Experts warn employees are spending over two hours a day slacking off online - and say it's causing major security risks
… My research group's new study shows this practice of using work computers for personal internet browsing can become a serious security threat to a company when it goes too far.
Most companies accept that their employees will occasionally check social media or send personal emails from work computers. But in some cases things can get more serious, with people people spending significant amounts of time updating their own websites, watching videos or even pornography.

Governments don’t do IT very well.
Get a pencil: California marijuana-tracking system not used
California’s legal pot economy was supposed to operate under the umbrella of a vast computerized system to track marijuana from seed to storefronts, ensuring that plants are followed throughout the supply chain and don’t drift into the black market.
But recreational cannabis sales began this week without the computer system in use for pot businesses. Instead, they are being asked to document sales and transfers of pot manually, using paper invoices or shipping manifests. That raises the potential that an unknown amount of weed will continue slipping into the illicit market, as it has for years.
… The state Department of Food and Agriculture, which is overseeing the tracking system, said in a statement it was “implemented” Tuesday. However, it conceded that growers and sellers are not required to use it yet and training on how to input data will be necessary before it becomes mandatory, apparently later in the year.

Would this me a better fit than Sears?
Amazon Will Buy Target in 2018, Tech Analyst Predicts
… “Target is the ideal offline partner for Amazon for two reasons, shared demographic and manageable but comprehensive store count,” Munster wrote, noting both companies focus on mothers and families.

The new business model for music?
Shake It Off: Despite Negative Press, Taylor Swift's Reputation Tour Could Be One of the Biggest of All Time
Taylor Swift is on track to chart one of the highest-grossing tours of all time, with projections that she could sell $450 million worth of tickets on her Reputation stadium tour which kicks off this summer.
Swift is using a strategy deployed by Jay-Z and bands like The Rolling Stones – price tickets high and have seats available on the primary market up until the day of show. That means few, if any, early sellouts but huge revenues, as tickets, especially premium seats, are marked up much higher than previous tours. While several recent stories have warned of poor ticket sales – including a New York Post article this morning – those close to Swift say the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer sold $180 million worth of tickets in the first seven days of sales

Maybe I could have my students create an ebook rather than a simple post?
5 Ed Tech Tools to Try in 2018
Earlier today I went on live on my YouTube channel to share five ed tech tools that I recommend trying in 2018 if you didn't try them in 2017. Watch the video for my explanations of my recommendations then jump to the list to find tutorial videos for my recommended tools.
[I liked this one:

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