Sunday, December 24, 2017

CPA’s in San Jose. Why so sneaky?
(I should have remembered to anticipate press releases after 3 pm on the Friday of a big holiday weekend. Here’s another one:)
On November 27, 2017, Veyna & Forschino (V&F) encountered suspicious activity on one company email account. V&F immediately began investigating the matter and contacted its local IT firm who disabled access. Further, V&F hired a specialized forensic IT firm to assist in the investigation.
On December 8, 2017, the specialized third party forensic IT firm determined that there was unauthorized access between November 6, 2017 and November 24, 2017 to one company computer workstation through a remote desktop application. In addition to the one email account, the specialized third party forensic IT firm determined that specific electronic files and V&F’s 2016 tax preparation software folder was accessed.
Information included individuals’ name, date of birth, telephone number(s), address, Social Security number, all employment (W-2) information, 1099 information (including account number if provided to V&F), and direct deposit bank account information (including account number and routing information if provided to V&F). Each individual may have been impacted differently.
… Protecting your information is incredibly important to V&F. In addition to the above, V&F notified all three consumer reporting bureaus, law enforcement, and the applicable state agencies, and they are reviewing security policies and procedures to ensure all appropriate steps are taken.
SOURCE Veyna & Forschino

Something to read over the holidays?
A New History of the Second World War
… temperance and Fascism do not mix, and the outsized ambitions of the Axis powers put them on a collision course with the massive geographical, managerial, and logistical advantages possessed by the Allies, which, Hanson suggests, they should have known would be insurmountable.
The Axis powers fell prey to their own mythmaking: they were adept at creating narratives that made exceedingly unlikely victories seem not just plausible but inevitable.

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