Friday, September 29, 2017

Sound familiar?
Whole Foods is investigating a credit-card security breach
The grocery chain, which Amazon acquired for $13.7 billion in late August, announced Thursday it "recently received information regarding unauthorized access of payment card information."
People who only shopped for groceries at Whole Foods should not be affected, according to the company, which said only venues such as taprooms and table-service restaurants located within stores — which use a different point-of-sales system — were affected.

Something for my Computer Security students.
There are a lot – too many – sites where you can look up individuals’ information.
If you haven’t seen this one already, check out and see if you or your family members have personal information revealed there.
If you find yourself in their records and you want to get your information OUT of there, see:

Welcome to the “Internet of Advertising.”
I used to love just jumping in the car and heading out for an open road. At worst, I’d have to worry about radar traps. Nowadays, it’s smart billboards, license plate readers, and God knows what else.
Joe Cadillic writes:
Imagine driving down a highway and seeing a personalized billboard ad directed at you. Now imagine advertisers using billboards to send messages to your smartphone.
That’s the future of’ ‘advertised spying’ in America. (Yes, I made that term up.)
An article in McClatchy, warns that a new generation of “smart digital billboards will detect the make, model and year of oncoming vehicles and project ads tailored to the motorist.”
The article ominously warns, that smart billboards can guess a motorist’s home address, age, race and income level based on the vehicle they are driving. And also claims, advertisers will be able to send messages to a person’s smartphone as they pass by a smart billboard.
Read more on MassPrivateI.

We don’t have enough yet to form a clear picture of the users of Facebook or Twitter (and what else?) Perhaps it will take a serious academic study, because the intelligence services aren’t going to publish their tricks. What? You thought the US was above such tampering? Silly you!
Twitter says it has found 201 Russia-linked accounts
Following Facebook’s own disclosure, Twitter says that it has identified more than 200 accounts on its service that are linked to Russia. Using the approximately 450 accounts that Facebook shared as part of its own review, Twitter says it found 201 corresponding accounts on its own service. It has also been transparent about advertisements purchased by the Russian publication Russia Today (RT).
… In addition, Twitter says that post-Soviet states and Russia have long been responsible for the majority of spammy and automated content on its platform. The company has automated systems in place to try to catch this kind of content, and it takes down in excess of 3.2 million of these accounts across the world every week. However, Twitter says that it is planning to roll out several changes to the ways it detects suspicious and otherwise spam-ish activity on the service.

(Related). Are all of these Twitter users Russians or merely Russian dupes?
Study: Twitter users shared more 'junk news' than real stories during the 2016 election
During the height of the 2016 campaign, Twitter users shared more “misinformation, polarizing and conspiratorial content,” than actual news stories, an Oxford University study released Thursday says.
Researchers found that voters on Twitter shared large amounts of content linked to Russia, Wikileaks and other “junk news sources,” with the help of bots — automated Twitter accounts, programmed to simple tasks like spread news.
The study also found that levels of misinformation on Twitter were higher on average in swing states than in than in uncontested states. Researchers culled the information from 22,117,221 tweets collected between Nov. 1 and Nov. 11.
The Senate Intelligence Committee’s top Democrat, Sen. Mark Warner (Va.) ripped Twitter after the company shared its analysis with the committee.
Their response was frankly inadequate on almost every level,” he said after the briefings.

Understand what you regulate? Not in this administration.
FCC Chairman wants Apple to enable FM in iPhones for emergencies (update)
… FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is asking Apple to activate these FM chips already in iPhones. "Apple is the one major phone manufacturer that has resisted (activating the chips)," said Pai in a statement. "But I hope the company will reconsider its position, given the devastation wrought by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria."
Update: Apple has responded to Pai's request with the statement below, claiming that its most recent models don't actually have FM capability which exec Phil Schiller also noted in a tweet.

To inspire my students.
How Sarahah became one of the most popular iPhone apps in the world
The App Store's most popular free app isn't what you think it is.
It's called Sarahah, and in the past week, it's surged to the top of the App Store in regions like Australia, Ireland, the U.S, and the UK.
Created by Saudi Arabian developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, the app is essentially a social network that lets you send and receive anonymous messages.

This records only what you click on, so it might be useful to demo selected features of a website.
Webrecorder – Create high-fidelity, interactive web archives of any web site you browse
by Sabrina I. Pacifici on Sep 28, 2017
Webrecorder is both a tool to create high-fidelity, interactive web archives of any web site you browse and a platform to make those recordings accessible.”

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