Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Can the US look forward to the same problem?
German Merkel’s website hit by Cyber Attack coming from Russian IP Addresses
… Julia Kloeckner, Vice Chairman of Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union, said on Monday that her political website was attacked 3000 times on Sunday before and during the debate between Merkel and Social democratic leader Martin Schulz.
Julia added in her statement that the attacks such as these have been emerging from the past 2 months and a surge has been witnessed in last two weeks.

Perspective. Is this about the cost of content or a story about not knowing the value of Cricket?
Facebook Just Made Its Biggest Live Streaming Bet - and Lost
As Facebook gets serious about video, the social giant's ambitions for live streaming were on display on Monday in India where it put a bid north of $600 million to win the digital streaming rights of IPL, one of the most popular cricket tournaments in the country.
Facebook, which has explored several partnerships with sport giants for live streaming in the recent months, made the highest bid of Rs. 3,900 crore (roughly $610 million) for the digital rights for streaming IPL within India for a period of five years. However, it lost the auction to Star India, which won worldwide digital and TV rights with a bid of Rs. 16,347.50 crore (roughly $2.5 billion), superseding all bids for individual markets, including that of Facebook.

Go ahead and bribe me, I don't teach in public schools, so I don't have to follow their silly rules. And I have an International audience both in my classrooms and on my Blog.
Silicon Valley Courts Brand-Name Teachers, Raising Ethics Issues
… Ms. Delzer also has a second calling. She is a schoolteacher with her own brand, Top Dog Teaching. Education start-ups like Seesaw give her their premium classroom technology as well as swag like T-shirts or freebies for the teachers who attend her workshops. She agrees to use their products in her classroom and give the companies feedback. And she recommends their wares to thousands of teachers who follow her on social media.
… Ms. Delzer is a member of a growing tribe of teacher influencers, many of whom promote classroom technology. They attract notice through their blogs, social media accounts and conference talks. And they are cultivated not only by start-ups like Seesaw, but by giants like Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft, to influence which tools are used to teach American schoolchildren.

Is this how Fake News gets Fake-er?
Examining the Alternative Media Ecosystem through Production of Alternative Narratives of Mass Shooting Events on Twitter
by Sabrina I. Pacifici on Sep 4, 2017
Examining the Alternative Media Ecosystem through the Production of Alternative Narratives of Mass Shooting Events on Twitter, Kate Starbird, University of Washington, HCDE. kstarbi@uw.edu
“This research explores the alternative media ecosystem through a Twitter lens. Over a ten-month period, we collected tweets related to alternative narratives—e.g. conspiracy theories—of mass shooting events. We utilized tweeted URLs to generate a domain network, connecting domains shared by the same user, then conducted qualitative analysis to understand the nature of different domains and how they connect to each other. Our findings demonstrate how alternative news sites propagate and shape alternative narratives, while mainstream media deny them. We explain how political leanings of alternative news sites do not align well with a U.S. left-right spectrum, but instead feature an anti-globalist (vs. globalist) orientation where U.S. Alt-Right sites look similar to U.S. Alt-Left sites. Our findings describe a subsection of the emerging alternative media ecosystem and provide insight in how websites that promote conspiracy theories and pseudo-science may function to conduct underlying political agendas.”

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