Sunday, June 18, 2017

So certain that Vegas probably would not take your bet.
Canada: Hackers Targeted Country's 2015 Election, May Try Again
Canada's electronic eavesdropping agency warned Friday that hackers and foreign states may try to sway its elections in 2019, after so-called hacktivists tried but failed to influence the 2015 ballot that brought Justin Trudeau's Liberals to power.
In a report, the Communications Security Establishment (CSE) said hacktivists and cybercriminals had leaked sensitive government documents, and attempted to smear candidates and spread disinformation and propaganda ahead of the 2015 vote.  
These "low sophistication" attacks "did not impact the outcome of the election," the CSE concluded.  
But it added that hacktivists are likely to try again when Canadians return to the polls in 2019.

Immediate feedback!  Sometimes it’s more useful before you screw up.  Think Walmart considered this before the deal? 
Men's Fashion Startup Bonobos Sells To Walmart; Consumers Revolt
Here’s an interesting aspect of making a major company announcement on Facebook—the reactions to and comments on postings make it stunningly easy to gauge consumer response.  This week’s announcement by men's online clothing line Bonobos is a case in point.  On Friday, June 16, the company announced an agreement to be purchased by Walmart for $310M, citing Walmart’s intent to energize its e-commerce channel in an attempt to mirror Amazon, according to the New York Times.
   Audience reaction to the post and explanation: Anger, shock, sadness and laughter outnumbered “likes” by a factor of 2 to 1.
This remark articulated the feelings of the majority well: “We all get that this was a move based on economies of scale.  But it's also a move that your loyal customer base sees as the ends justifying the means.  You're joining an organization that millennials, your core consumers, loath and vilify as destructive, unethical, and cheap - essentially the polar opposite when previously thinking about Bonobos.
   The market’s response was daunting as well.  Walmart stock plunged 4.6% to 75.26, although it is important to note that in a move that can only be described as bad timing, the acquisition news fell on the same day as Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods, sending grocery stocks into a spin.

Paranoia?  In order to spin, these have to be small enough to rotate while pinched between your thumb and finger.  So, these would be under the 3” blade regulation – or is any blade now too dangerous to allow on a plane?
'Satan's fidget spinner' gets grounded by the TSA
   "Satan's fidget spinner was discovered in a carry-on bag at the Savannah/Hilton Head International Airport (SAV)," the TSA caption reads.  "While normal #FidgetSpinners are permitted, this one is a weapon."

Something to share with our new students.
12 Sites and Apps for Learning to Code

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