Sunday, March 26, 2017

Any excuse to claim that terrorists are uncatchable, but nothing about this guy’s earlier encounters with police?  
London attack reignites encryption debate, as U.K. govt. says ‘there should be no place for terrorists to hide’
   reports have since surfaced that the perpetrator, British man Khalid Masood, was using WhatsApp minutes before he mowed down pedestrians on Westminster bridge and fatally stabbed a policeman.  However, police so far have indicated that Masood was a so-called “lone wolf” killer, and there is nothing so far to suggest that WhatsApp played any direct part in the attack — all we know is that Masood had checked his WhatsApp account shortly before, according to a screenshot taken by the Daily Mail.

Yes, they are publicly available.  Yes, it is the owners’ responsibility to protect sensitive data.  This is what happens when owners don’t do their job!
Microsoft yanks search after complaints of exposed sensitive files
Microsoft has quietly removed a feature on its document sharing site that allowed anyone to search through millions of files for sensitive and personal information.
Users had complained over the weekend on Twitter that anyone could use the site's search box to trawl through publicly-accessible documents and files stored on the site, which were clearly meant to remain private.
Among the files reviewed by ZDNet, and seen by others who tweeted about them, included password lists, job acceptance letters, investment portfolios, divorce settlement agreements, and credit card statements -- some of which contained Social Security and driving license numbers, dates of birth, phone numbers, and email and postal addresses.

For my Computer Security students.
Windows 10 is recording everything you type - here's how to stop Microsoft tracking you
   It's emerged that Microsoft's latest computer friendly operating system has been recording everything you've typed since it first launched without you knowing.
   More than that, if you've made voice searches, all of your vocal commands and message dictations have been recorded too.

Cute!  This may save time in my website class.
25 Features Every Business Website Must Have in 2017 (Infographic)

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