Sunday, January 01, 2017

An interesting target.  I assume it’s kids who visit the site, but Dad’s credit card that buys their products.  Topps appears to be a multiple offender.
A number of sites have now reported on Topps’ recent disclosure that on October 12, it became aware of unauthorized access to payment card information for customers using the website between July 30 and October 12.
A copy of the sports card and memorabilia giant’s notification can be found on several state regulators’ sites but not, it seems on Topps’ site or even mentioned in their tweets.  The notification says that compromised data may have included the customers’ names, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, credit card and debit card numbers, card expiration dates, and card verification numbers.  The number of customers potentially affected was not disclosed.

For my Computer Security students.
What to do if your data is taken hostage
   Look no further for help than the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology report that in part describes how to deal with criminals when they are holding your data hostage.  The report talks of what to do once a breach has been found.
ICIT says the proper response will depend on the risk appetite of the organization, the potential impact of the hostage data, the impact on business continuity, whether a redundant system is available, and the sectorial regulatory requirements.

A great victory or more reason to automate?  The robots that replace them won’t ignore ‘after hours’ emails.
French employees can legally ignore work emails outside of office hours

For my students.  “What’s in your Smartphone?” 
Top 5 Free Encryption Messaging Apps
The app is free of charge for iOS and Android devices, and also has a Chrome browser plugin that lets you use Signal from your desktop.
Wickr Me
Wicker Me is a free end-to-end encrypted messaging app for Android and iOS devices. It uses industry-standard AES256 encryption to secure data. Wickr Me lets users send private, self-destructing text messages, media and voice messages to other contacts with the app.  
WhatsApp is available for Android and iOS devices.
The app is free for iPhones and Androids.
Chat Secure
a free and open source messaging app for Android and iOS phones

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