Sunday, December 25, 2016

Is Turkey finding serious anarchists like this?
Turkey Probing 10,000 Over Online 'Terror' Activity
Turkey is investigating 10,000 people suspected of terror-related activity on the internet or posting comments on social media insulting government officials, the interior ministry said on Saturday.
    More than 1,600 people accused of "propaganda or apologizing for terrorism" or "insulting state officials" have been arrested in the past six months, according to the ministry.

Starbucks should have this for people too grumpy in the morning to order coffee. 
Chinese KFC Smart Restaurants Use Baidu Facial Recognition To Make Meal Suggestions
   At this particular KFC location in China, patrons can walk up to a display and simply let it decide a meal for them (don't fret: the user can override with their own choices).  The idea here is to see how good Baidu's algorithm can guess what someone's in the mood for, based on a variety of metrics and some machine learning.

A very shallow look at AI.
Five ways AI could change your life
Autonomous vehicles
Predictive policing
Weapons that can think for themselves
AI in the exam room…
...and in every classroom

Wally teaches just like I do!

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