Saturday, October 08, 2016

Why bother with this?  Perhaps because they know of some serious problems that have not been made public yet?
U.S. lays blame on Russian government for election-related hacking
   U.S. intelligence agencies are confident Russia was responsible, the Department of Homeland Security and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence said in a statement on Friday.

They paid more than a million dollars, and the hack only worked on one phone?  Will they pay a million for every brand and model they want to hack? 
The FBI Is Trying To Force Its Way Into Another Locked iPhone
The battle between the FBI and locked phones is far from over.  The FBI is currently trying to crack into another locked iPhone that once belonged to a now deceased terrorist.  The iPhone in question belonged to Dahir Adan, who stabbed ten people in a Minnesota mall before a police officer shot and killed him.  ISIS has claimed credit for the attack over social media.
   The FBI is currently investigating as much of Adan’s electronic footprint as possible.  The FBI has so far plowed through 780 gigabytes of data from multiple computers and mobile devices.  Thorton remarked, “We are conducting an extensive review of his social media and other online activity”.  It remains to be seen whether the FBI will also pressure Apple to unlock Adan’s iPhone.

“Cost v. Benefit” is not a government concept. 
Joe Cadillic writes:
Malls and retailers across America, are working with DHS to install facial recognition cameras and license plate readers everywhere.  DHS is working with malls and retailers to identify people with criminal records and scan their license plates to see if a shopper is on DHS’s terrorist watch list.
Updated 10/7:
New York City is installing facial recognition cameras at bridge crossings and tunnel entrances
Read more of his post on MassPrivateI.

My students say no, but what do they know?
Should Self-Driving Cars Be Mandatory?

TGIS (I teach on Friday)
Hack Education Weekly News
   AllAfrica reports that the Kenyan government will begin distributing some 1.2 million laptops to all public primary schools.
   Via Inside Higher Ed: “Smartphone Explodes in Rowan College Classroom.” The phone was not a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, which have been recalled because of battery explosions, but an iPhone 6 Plus.
   Deloitte Publishes 2016 Digital Education Survey,” says Edsurge.

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