Sunday, May 08, 2016

An observation.  Today’s Election section of the Google News page is all Donald Trump.  There are no articles on Hillary Clinton until you page down.  No matter what else you may think, the Donald does know how to lead the media by the nose.

One of the “benefits” of Office365?   

How can these devices remain undetected for months?  Do watch the video!
Large Credit Card Breach at Walmart in Fredericksburg
Fredericksburg City Police says a "large number" of debit/credit card users at the Central Park Walmart had their card information stolen, with dozens of reports of fraudulent cash withdrawls.
Walmart Global has confirmed an unspecified number of cards have been compromised.
It's believed the suspects obtained the card information by placing overlay devices on credit card readers at checkout counters in March and April.
   In a statement to Patch, Walmart spokesperson Deisha Barnett said the company took steps to protect customers as soon as they were alerted to the fraudulent activity.
   Fredericksburg City Police also released a video to show how quickly a skimmer device is placed on a credit/debit card readers. [Not at Walmart, but still interesting.  Bob]

We don’t track smartphones as closely as we track airbags.
Lucian Constantin reports:
A vulnerability in an Android component shipped with phones that use Qualcomm chips puts users’ text messages and call history at risk of theft.
The flaw was found by security researchers from FireEye and was patched by Qualcomm in March.  However, because the vulnerability was introduced five years ago, many affected devices are unlikely to ever receive the fix because they’re no longer supported by their manufacturers.
Read more on Computerworld.

We have become a nation of terrified, gullible, ignorant sheep.
Dark, Curly Haired Man With Olive Skin Suspected of Terrorism After Intensely Scribbling Strange Script Aboard Plane. But There’s Just One Problem.
   An airline agent told the man he was suspected of terrorism, the Post said — mostly because of whatever it was his former seatmate had seen him intensely scribbling (but his look and accent apparently gave her pause, too).
The man under investigation laughed, the paper said.
He wasn’t scribbling in Arabic or penning code for a terrorist plot — he was in the middle of a math equation.
Guido Menzio hails from Italy and is a well-regarded economist who’s an associate professor at the University of Pennsylvania.
   Menzio told the paper he was “treated respectfully throughout” but is unimpressed by a “broken system that does not collect information efficiently.”  He added to the Post that airline security protocol “is too rigid — in the sense that once the whistle is blown everything stops without checks – and relies on the input of people who may be completely clueless.”

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