Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mark your calendars!  Another Privacy Foundation seminar. 
Data Transfers: Domestic and International.
Friday, April 29, 2016 10:00AM — 1:00 PM.  Followed by lunch.
Register online at http://dughost.imodules.com/privacydatatransfers or contact Privacy Foundation Administrator Anne Beblavi at abeblavi@law.du.edu
Seminar, CLE (3 hrs.) & Lunch $30

Often an indication of where the poorest security can be found.
Healthcare Was Most Attacked Industry in 2015: IBM
The financial services industry is no longer the most targeted sector when it comes to data-stealing cyber attacks, as healthcare climbed to the top in 2015, IBM X-Force’s 2016 Cyber Security Intelligence Index reveals.
Overall, all industries had their fair share of data breaches last year, though some were targeted far more frequently than others, the report reveals.

Because your ego must be fed?
Self-Flying Hover Camera Drone Follows You Anywhere
The Hover Camera is exactly what you would expect, based on its name.  The new drone from Zero Zero Robotics is the company's debut product, which will only be available through a beta testers program for now.  But those people that are selected to play with it are likely to be fast moving, active folks who are eager to have an autonomous camera drone follow them everywhere.
   The facial recognition technology that allows the drone to keep you in frame and follow you is run off of a 2.3-GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor.  There's no fan inside the Hover Camera, so the company engineered slots along the edges that send air pushing through the propellers into the body of the drone to cool things off.
The drone was dead simple to use.  You turn it on, flip out the wings and then toss it into the air, where it stops and hangs out awaiting instructions.  The blades make a bit of noise, but not so I couldn't continue my conversation normally.  If your toss is a little off, the drone knows how to how balance itself and get level using sonar and a ground facing camera.  The company assures me that tossing it into the wind won't throw it off.

Would this make sense here?  There are some Apps that contact friends, but should there be an easy way to call 911? 
India said to mandate panic button in mobile phones
India’s government will soon require cell phone manufacturers to include a panic button on their devices, Bloomberg reported on Monday.
Manufacturers will need to implement a feature by early next year to connect allowing users to flag when they are in an emergency situation.  By 2018, they will be required to implement global position system technology in phones by 2018.

Communication in the modern age?  Maybe I can get the University to block these – otherwise I could see them in the papers my students submit.
5 Sites to Copy-Paste Emojis, Text Faces, Emoticons, & More
From the humble :), the emoticon has come a long way in 30 years.  But while it’s easy to remember how to type that smiley face, you’d be hard-pressed to type out the “shruggie” even if you brought up the character map.
Don’t worry though, there’s an easier way to do this.  Much like with anything else on the Internet, there are handy cheat sheets to type text faces, emoticons, emojis, Japanese kawai faces, and more.

I have a color printer.  I can buy precut paper to print on.  But I don’t feel that old fashioned.
30+ Free Business Card Templates for Every Profession

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