Sunday, April 10, 2016

You don’t suppose it’s their hack? 
Feds 'Chomping at the Bit' to Use Panama Papers to Catch Criminals
Federal agents and prosecutors are "chomping at the bit" to exploit the Panama Papers and launch prosecutions, a senior federal law enforcement official told NBC News -- but want to be sure that the way the huge data dump about offshore money was obtained doesn't jeopardize their cases.
   "It will keep a lot of agents very busy for a very long time," the official told NBC News. "They will be following the leads and figuring out who is trying to hide stuff illegally - money and also illegal activities."
   The official, who is familiar with ongoing discussions about the document trove, said agents from every three-letter agency are lining up to crunch the data to bolster existing cases and build new ones against organized crime syndicates, drug cartels, foreign corrupt and kleptocratic regimes and even suspected Hezbollah terror cells in Latin America and possibly the U.S.  That includes the FBI, the IRS and other Treasury agents, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Something for my geeks.
How to Write a Twitter Bot in 5 Minutes
Twitter Bots can do interesting things.  You can tweet questions like “how many calories are in diet coke” to @DearAssistant and the Twitter bot, like Google Now or Apple Siri, will reply with the answer.  The @HundredZeros bot tweets links to eBooks that are free on Amazon.  Another Twitter bot @WhatTheFare will tell you the Uber fare between two locations.
A bot is a program that runs in the background and, when it encounters a command, it performs some action.  For instance, you can have a grammar bot that looks for tweets containing misspellings and tweet the correct spelling.

For students and faculty.
Top 100 Tools For Learning
Jane has put together all the presentation slidesets as well as an alphabetical list of ALL the tools which have appeared on any of the lists.

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