Sunday, December 27, 2015

Interesting. Are politicians immune as well as ignorant?
Kate Raddatz reports:
A Minneapolis City Council member is under fire for a series of tweets she posted online after attending the Black Lives Matter protest at the Mall of America this week.
The tweets published personal information of constituents who criticized her involvement in the protest.
Councilmember Alondra Cano, who represents Ward 9, tweeted out screen shots of what several constituents emailed her via the city’s public contact forum.
Apparently her tweets included their names, postal and e-mail addresses, and their comments.
Read more on CBS, while I ponder why Twitter didn’t suspend her account for posting personal information, in violation of their policies.

A most interesting forensic tale.
The Tax Sleuth Who Took Down a Drug Lord
… Back in the summer of 2013, it was not hard, even for Mr. Alford, to understand why it took him time to win over the others on the case.
… Mr. Alford also detected the sort of organizational frictions that have hindered communication between law enforcement agencies in the past.
… “I’m not high-tech, but I’m like, ‘This isn’t that complicated. This is just some guy behind a computer,’” he recalled saying to himself. “In these technical investigations, people think they are too good to do the stupid old-school stuff. But I’m like, ‘Well, that stuff still works.’ ”
Mr. Alford’s preferred tool was Google. He used the advanced search option to look for material posted within specific date ranges.

Interesting. I wonder if it's because there are no trees to fly into?
A Silicon Valley for Drones, in North Dakota

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