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I also thought this a bit strange. Not least because journalists claimed law enforcement was “done with” the apartment. What if this is not exactly what everyone thinks it is?
Jed Bracy reports on what was a “WTF?!” moment for anyone watching MSNB or CNN today.
It seems as though the world is getting more chaotic by the minute. There have been awful terrorist attacks around the world, seemingly unabated – from Egypt to Paris to Mali to San Bernadino.
And it appears that chaos is infecting the news media.
On Friday, reporters from CNN and MSNBC openly rummaged through the now-deceased San Bernadino attackers’ home like eager shoppers on Black Friday.
TV journalists gain unprecedented access to shooting suspect’s apartment.
— Matthew Keys (@MatthewKeysLive) December 4, 2015
Live on TV for everyone to see, reporters unapologetically let the world into this home – a crime scene – sharing baby pictures, clothing, contents of their refrigerator.
And get this: passports, work IDs and even a California state driver’s license.
Read more on IAPP.

I know just who to nominate! I'll send Barack an email as soon as I'm done blogging.
Tara Seals reports:
The White House has announced plans to establish a new Federal Privacy Council, which will serve as an ecosystem for strategic thinking on privacy implementation.
It will serve as a central place to coordinate and share ideas, best practices and successful approaches for protecting privacy across the government, “bringing together the best minds we have to tackle the cutting-edge privacy issues of the digital era,” according to Shaun Donovan, director of the White House Office of Management and Budget.
The Council will also develop guidance, standards and best practices to serve as a road map to successful implementation, starting with updating privacy guidance at OMB over the next several months.
Read more on InfoSecurity Magazine.

Censorship. Sounds much more useful than it actually is.
Social media censorship in Bangladesh hints at long-term problems for publishers
Two weeks have passed since the government in Bangladesh blocked access to Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, and other social media sites. In Dhaka, some people have crowded into hotel lobbies to access private networks, while others are gaining access through proxy servers. The reason for the ban, according to the government, has to do with security, in light of the recent terrorist attacks and local political violence, but there is concern that it’s part of a creeping pattern of censorship that’s having a negative impact on publishers, especially after the temporary block in January and reports of journalists being harassed.

I think all the fuss over encryption is helping sell encryption software.
Open Whisper Systems Launches Encrypted Messaging App for Desktop
Open Whisper Systems, the group behind the Signal secure communication application for Android, this week announced the release of their encrypted messaging application for desktop computers.
The new Signal Desktop software is now available in beta as a Chrome application, designed to constantly stay connected with a phone, so that all incoming and outgoing messages are available on all devices at all time. The same as the Signal app for Android and iOS devices, Signal Desktop offers end-to-end encryption, offering support for free private group, text, picture, and video messages.
Once enabled, Signal Desktop enables users to seamlessly continue conversations back and forth between their mobile devices and a desktop computer, as all messages will be available instantly when switching to another device. Signal Desktop beta comes only with support for linking to the Android application, with iOS support expected to follow.

This has probably been suggested several time, but if it every actually happens we will still wonder, “why didn't someone think of this years ago?”
The Cloud Catalog: One Catalog to Serve Them All
by Sabrina I. Pacifici on Dec 4, 2015
The Cloud Catalog: One Catalog to Serve Them All – By Steve Coffman
“As a whole, public libraries are the single largest supplier of books in the U.S. No single other outlet can compete with public libraries—not Amazon, not Barnes & Noble, not Walmart or Costco, not all your local bookstores. But you’d never know it to look at us on the web.

Stupidity: Regular as clockwork.
Hack Education Weekly News
… “Education Dept CIO comes under fire from Congress for major security loopholes,” says EdScoop, which notes the department had 91 data breaches this year.

Yes, I'm old. But I rarely start sentences, “Back in my day...”
5 Online Radios That Travel Through Space and Time
… We’ve shown you where to find unlimited online radio; here’s how to travel in time through that free radio and find exactly what you’re looking for. Some Station Somewhere Is Playing Your Song
Radiooooo: Music from Any Decade/Nation Combination
Rewind Radio: Travel to Radio Stations from Past Decades
Magic Transistor Radio: Open and Enjoy Some Early Rock
Old Radio World: Archive of Old Radio Shows and Broadcasts
Or, if nothing here satisfies you, why not start your own online radio station and create something that does?

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