Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Felony Stupidity – I love it!
From the do-you-know-who-you’re-hiring-on-Craigslist dept:
Miles Snyder reports:
A Harrisburg man will serve at least two years in prison for recruiting a computer hacker to wipe out fines he owed to Lancaster County.
Zachary J. Landis, 27, was sentenced to 2-4 years in state prison after pleading guilty last week to felony counts of computer trespass, unlawful use of a computer, and tampering with public records, according to the district attorney’s office.
How stupid do you have to be to advertise for a hacker on Craiglist and then give them not only the docket numbers but your real name and email address? There should be a felony stupidity charge tacked on to some cases…
Read more on ABC27.
[From the article:
Authorities saw the ad and a detective who posed as a hacker contacted Landis for the court docket numbers. The detective received three docket sheets from cases associated with Landis and found the ad was posted using his email address and phone number.
Authorities said Landis still owes more than $9,000 to a victim in a 2008 assault case. The other cases include two DUI convictions. [That suggests where this idea came from. Bob]

The UK market for personal encryption just got hot.
Has the UK lost its collective mind? Tom Whitehead reports:
Internet and social media companies will be banned from putting customer communications beyond their own reach under new laws to be unveiled on Wednesday.
Companies such as Apple, Google and others will no longer be able to offer encryption so advanced that even they cannot decipher it when asked to, the Daily Telegraph can disclose.
Measures in the Investigatory Powers Bill will place in law a requirement on tech firms and service providers to be able to provide unencrypted communications to the police or spy agencies if requested through a warrant.
Read more on The Telegraph.
So the UK is not going to ban encryption, because it’s desirable for some things, but they’re going to ban really good encryption, because it’s undesirable for some things.
I see…

Will Watson just talk about the weather or is IBM ready to do something about it? (Is Watson setting the strategy at IBM?)
IBM Bets Big on Weather Data With The Weather Company Acquisition
… According to The Weather Company, it gathers billions of data points from sensors, smartphones,vehicles and airplane flights. In March, the company partnered with IBM to bring its data to the IBM Cloud and make it available to customers through IBM's analytics and cloud services. At the time, IBM noted that "weather is perhaps the single largest external swing factor in business performance – responsible for an annual economic impact of nearly half a trillion dollars in the U.S. alone." Reflecting the demand for that data, IBM says that the The Weather Company's cloud platform currently handles 26 billion requests per day.
… IBM believes there are significant opportunities to merge The Weather Company's treasure trove of data with Watson's capabilities to transform industries. For instance, it points to the possibility that airlines could save significant amounts of money "by tapping multiple real-time and historical data sources to optimize fuel consumption, reduce delays and airport congestion, and improve passenger safety during disruptive conditions."
… This could shape how the IoT market evolves. Right now, a growing number of companies are focused on building turnkey platforms that companies can use to power their own internets of things, but larger competitors like IBM, which not only have IoT platforms of their own but a means to monetize IoT data, could rain on their parade by purchasing the companies that generate the most and most attractive IoT data.

All the news that fits Facebook's business model. Big Data
How Facebook will use artificial intelligence to organize insane amounts of data into the perfect News Feed and a personal assistant with superpowers
Using some quick and dirty math, Facebook CTO Mike Schroepfer estimates that the amount of content that Facebook considers putting on your News Feed grows 40% to 50% year-over-year.
But because people aren't gaining more time in the day, the company's algorithms have to be much more selective about what they actually show you.

Spotify Now Has the Complete Works of Bach and Beethoven
There are plenty of websites for listening to classical music, but it’s easy to forget that Spotify contains tons of old music, too.
Using the Spotify playlists created by user Ulysses’ Classical, you can stream both the complete works of Johann Sebastian Bach and the complete works of Ludwig van Beethoven.
Bach’s 3,488 songs will take you 169 hours to finish while Beethoven’s 1,203 songs will take you at least 98 hours. All combined, that’s over 260 hours of wonderful classical music to enjoy.
… If these playlists piqued your interest, check out these other ways to explore public domain music.

I predict a social network that will randomly connect you to people around the world.
Are smartphone-connected sex toys the next big thing?
… We-Vibe sells several devices that connect your smartphone with aspects such as vibration able to be controlled from your handset. It works over distance too, allowing someone in another location to control the sex toy. The app that is used to control the device also comes with a videolink feature allowing people to see each other too.

Attention Trekies!
Stream Me Up, Scotty: CBS to Release New Star Trek Episodes Beginning January 2017
In January 2017, the Star Trek franchise is boldly going to a medium it’s never gone to before: Online.
Today, CBS announced that it will be rebooting the Star Trek series on its digital subscription video-streaming service, CBS All Access. A preview broadcast will run on TV, but the first episode and the rest of the series will be available only through the streaming service.

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