Thursday, October 15, 2015

I bet this is not true. Politicians would be much more concerned if no one commented on their posts.
Want to be heard by Congress? Try leaving a comment
… The survey, conducted by the Congressional Management Foundation, found that staffers would pay attention if they received 30 or fewer similar comments on something posted by their office.
Forty-five percent of staffers said that they would pay attention if they received between 10 and 30 similar social media comments on an individual post, and 35 percent said they would pay attention if they noticed fewer than 10 comments.
… The staffers surveyed suggested they were most likely to see reaction to their social media posts if it appeared soon after the original message. Fifty-four percent said that they reviewed reactions to their office’s social media accounts for up to six hours after they posted. Only 40 percent said that they reviewed them after 24 hours.

Perspective. Will those smartphone payment systems kill credit cards?
How Bad Will It Get for American Express?

Perspective. There's an App for that because we can't take the time to do it the old fashioned way.
Checkr Is Raising $30M+ For Its Background Checking API, Y Combinator Investing
As on-demand businesses like Uber and Instacart grow quickly, so too do the B2B startups that service their wider ecosystem. In the latest development, TechCrunch has learned and confirmed with several sources that Checkr — which runs background checks and vets potential hires by way of an API for the likes of Uber, Instacart and Handy, and other fast-growing startups like Zenefits and Weebly — is raising a Series B of at least $30 million, at a valuation north of $250 million.

Might be useful.
PBS Students - An iPad App for Finding Educational Content
PBS Students is a new iPad app designed to showcase some of the best educational content for students. Through the app students and teachers can search for educational videos, articles, and diagrams. Some of the the video content can be downloaded directly to an iPad.
PBS Students has incorporated the Learning Media Storyboards tool that was released as a browser-based tool last January. PBS Learning Media's Storyboard tool allows you to create a collection of videos, text, and images organized around almost any topic of your choosing. The collection appears in a collage-like format. Storyboards can be shared via email.

Maybe next Quarter.
This Access Database Tutorial Will Help You Get Started

For my Data Management students.
Imagine a retail manager with no record of his store’s inventory and no way to gauge its value. Or consider a CFO who has no record of her company’s financial assets nor their value. Or an HR executive with no company directory, employee ratings nor compensation data. Well that’s the state of information management in most organizations today.
… information is not recognizable as a balance sheet asset – even though information meets all the criteria. We are in the midst of the Information Age, yet information is still considered a non-entity by antiquated accounting standards!
This lack of formal recognition manifests in most organizations that collect, manage, deploy and value their information with far less discipline than they manage traditional balance sheet assets.

Excel is not just for budgets. My students should love this!
How to Build a Free, Scalable API Testing Solution With Microsoft Excel
… is a data-driven, automated API testing solution that allows developers and testers to create automated tests for JSON Web Services. uses Microsoft Excel as the front-end client to manage the automated test scripts, identify expected results, capture the actual results, log API response times, and track historical test metrics for each test cycle. The JSON Web Services Automated Testing solution is free to download, and use. Click here to download.

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