Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Public outrage? Seems to work.
National Encryption Policy draft withdrawn: 13 things to know

For my IT Governance and Data Management students.
Getting Data Governance Right
… The emergence of the chief data officer and director of data governance positions is a testament to that. The data governance and master data management (MDM) market is approximately 10 years young, yet organizations are restructuring internally and changing the way they do business, by leveraging data to gain a competitive advantage within their marketplaces.

3 Social Media Monitoring Success Stories
Enterprise Apps Today looked for some successful use cases of enterprise social media monitoring tools and found three interesting ones.
And for more information on social media monitoring, check out our primer on social media monitoring and our list of apps that facilitate social media monitoring from mobile devices.

For my Spreadsheet students.
5 Excel Tools You Need Right Now

Changing how we teach, too.
The new version of Office is a huge shift for Microsoft — here's why
Today, Microsoft Office 2016 comes out for Windows 7 and later, bringing with it a slew of new capabilities and features.
… Microsoft is making it clear that it's going to keep releasing tiny updates and experimental apps on an ongoing basis. This, combined with the way Microsoft has priced it, means it makes more sense to subscribe Office 365 — and get updates like Office 2016 for free — than it does to buy the new packaged product.
Office is irrelevant. Long live Office 365.
… The new Word 2016 lets users collaborate with each other directly from within the document, Google Apps-style. Meanwhile, a new integration with Skype for Business in all of the desktop Office apps means that it's a lot easier to stream your screen to a colleague or just start a video chat.
… You can get Microsoft Office 2016 for Windows and Mac as one-time, boxed software releases just as you've always bought them if you really want to. The Home & Student edition is $149, and Home & Business is $229.
But for their $6.99-plus a month, Office 365 subscribers can get the full versions of Microsoft Office 2016 for the desktop right now, plus the promise of these rolling upgrades, for as long as you keep paying.

I gotta get me some students like these!
What started as a class project at Harvard just raised $110 million from Fidelity, Google, and Microsoft
It didn’t take too long for CloudFlare cofounders Matthew Prince and Michelle Zatlyn to realize they were on to something big when they launched their startup as a class project at Harvard Business School.
CloudFlare, a web performance and security startup, was seeing quick traction after winning the Harvard Business School’s Business Plan Contest that year. What had initially started out as a class project to get course credit was turning into a real business that VCs were lining up to invest in.
… CloudFlare is now one of the fastest growing startups in the world with a valuation well-north of a billion dollars.
… CloudFlare basically works as a “digital bouncer” in that it filters all the internet traffic before it reaches its customers’ websites. It can clean that traffic, identifying the good ones and bad ones, and accelerate traffic to the most efficient route.
Its service ranges from routing and switching that helps computers connect to the web, all the way up to load balancing and performance acceleration that helps make sure servers don’t get overloaded and makes websites run faster. And best of all, it doesn’t cost as much as some of the services from established companies, making its technology available to a lot of small and medium sized businesses as well.

So stupid it's brilliant!
Say hello to yourself while eating with the first selfie spoon
Finally, it’s here, the selfie accessory no one’s been waiting for.
In a promotional stunt for Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal, maker Great Mills has launched the Selfie Spoon that helps you take a photo of yourself eating your first meal of the day. Because you really want to do that.
With tongue so firmly in cheek it’s at risk of causing painful bruising, the selfie spoon, as its name suggests, is basically a selfie stick with a spoon on the end.
To be clear – this is a real device and can be yours for the cost of shipping and handling (that’s right, the Selfie Spoon itself is free).

For all my students. You don't need them all, but some you use frequently can be real time savers.
How to Find Every Microsoft Office Keyboard Shortcut You Could Ever Need

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