Sunday, September 07, 2014

What could possibly go wrong?
KTAL reports:
In a few days every student at Saint Ignatius, Gilmour Academy and Saint Edward will be required to lose a chunk of hair like this.
It will determine if they’ve used drugs in the last hundred days.
They learned about the new program last year and if they had been using, had the summer to get clean.
Some consider the measure an invasion of privacy but private schools have the ability to make it policy and cover the 40 dollar per test cost.
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Is this an example of technology following football, partnering with it, or leading the way? Short answer? Yes! (I list just a few)
Ready for some football? Check out these tech tips for the NFL season
… You’ll also notice lots of new technology on the field this season, as the NFL highlighted on Wednesday in Seattle. Thanks to a partnership it inked with Microsoft in May 2013, NFL players and coaches will be using Microsoft’s Surface tablet on the sidelines in between possessions.
… Some players will also wear shoulder pads with RFID tags inside their shoulder pads, which will allow the NFL to record real-time position data and information related to acceleration, speed, routes, and total distance run. [I can see it being used to call penalties and warn of possible concussions. Bob]
… There are a number of NFL-related apps in the marketplace, and some are really worth pointing out. One is a new app from the NFL called NFL Now, which is largely a video hub for all things NFL.
… The NFL also has NFL Mobile, which is great for catching up on the latest highlights, news, statistics, and standings. ESPN ScoreCenter is also another good one for keeping up with scores and news. In addition, Microsoft has a nice NFL App for the Xbox One and Windows 8. Other favorites include Bleacher Report’s Team Stream, Fanzo, Yahoo Sports, and Fox Sports Mobile.
For the fantasy football players, ESPN, Yahoo,, and offer solid apps that allow users to fine-tine their rosters and check the latest stats.
... Every Sunday night, NBC will be streaming its weekly game online for free and does not require a cable subscription. You can check out that feed here.
For Monday Night Football, fans can view the ESPN stream here, but will need a cable subscription.

A couple of interesting tools. One for demographics, the other for genealogy.
Your Town Has A Story, Here’s How Census Data Can Help You See It
CensusReporter: Learn About Your City
Census Tool: Dig Through Decades Of Data

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