Sunday, August 24, 2014

Interesting that Charter apparently doesn't know why but ChinaTopix does.
Charter Communications isn't giving a detailed explanation on what caused the widespread Internet outage that affected its subscribers across the U.S. but several customers are now pointing to a massive hacking of its DNS servers as a likely reason.
… Charter spokeswoman Kim Haas said they were aware of the Internet outage and were working round-the-clock to restore the service, but declined to give further details.
… Several Charter customers confirmed that shifting to the Google DNS restored their Internet connection, bolstering the suspicion floated by technical experts that Charter may be experiencing a massive DNS attack that could take some time to fix.

(Related) Interesting site.

Think of it as a Cable TV company offering Cable TV without the TV – or the Cable. (and we wonder why students can't learn)
Comcast Debuts 'Xfinity On Campus' for College Kids
… Comcast today announced a new service, dubbed "Xfinity On campus," which is pretty similar to a number of other "watch TV in college" models. In this case, the Wi-Fi-based TV setup allows students to log in to their campus networks, authenticate, and view approximately 80 live channels or so on tablets, laptops, and smartphones.
On-demand capabilities also allow students to tune in to a variety of other shows and movies. Those who temporarily find themselves off campus can use their university credentials to view programming via other websites or apps—like WatchESPN, for example.
… The catch? Since the service is "included with room and board" and designed for students with on-campus housing, those living off campus are out of luck.

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