Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Vladimir is angry that the Ukraine doesn't like him best, so he considered beating them until they loved him. Then he thought he would take their resources. Sounds like politics as taught at the old KGB schools.
Putin ends army exercise, Russian markets rally

(Related) “The Ukraine is worth 1/19th as much to the US as WhatsApp was to Facebook! But you have to pay us back.” (I'm sure this terrified Vladimir.)
Kerry arrives in Kiev, announces $1 billion in loan guarantees

(Related) Kind of an FYI...

This is unusual. It suggests they can't find the hack or can't find a permanent fix. Either way this is a big deal. (Perhaps there is no Plan B?)
Illinois Bank: Use Cash for Chicago Taxis
First American Bank in Illinois is urging residents and tourists alike to avoid paying for cab rides in Chicago with credit or debit cards, warning that an ongoing data breach seems to be connected with card processing systems used by a large number of taxis in the Windy City.
… We have also made repeated attempts to deal directly with Banc of America Merchant Services and Bank of America, the payment processors for the taxis, to discontinue payment processing for the companies suffering this compromise until its source is discovered and remediated. These companies have not shared information about their actions and appear to not have stopped the breach.”
… “I’m shocked, and it’s pretty amazing that they put that out there publicly, because everyone is usually so scared that they’re going to piss off Visa and MasterCard,” Litan said. “I’ve never seen any bank speak up like that. They’re probably just fed up.”

This could be the prelude to a new attack, or the remnants of an old one.
Nicole Kobie reports:
A London-registered company appears to be at the centre of a massive attack that’s redirecting traffic from 300,000 routers, a security firm has said.
Florida-based security firm Team Cymru said it was examining a “widespread compromise” of consumer and small office/home office (SOHO) routers in Europe and Asia.
Read more on PC Pro.
[From the article:
The routers' DNS settings were changed to two IP addresses, both of which are for machines that are physically in the Netherlands, but registered with UK company 3NT Solutions, he said.

FireEye Publishes 2013 Advanced Threat Report
According to FireEye, malware activity has become so pervasive globally that attack servers communicating with malware are now hosted in 206 countries and territories.
A full copy of the Advanced Threat Report is available online (PDF).

Does this change the equation? If I can sell my (lawyer's) data, can I sue all the sites that take it without paying me?
Adam Tanner writes:
For years, entrepreneurs have floated the idea of paying people for their personal data rather than just taking it without asking, the standard approach of many marketers.
Now, a few entrepreneurs are advancing plans to get cash or benefits into your hands in exchange for letting marketers have direct access to your social network activity, Internet browsing, purchases and other transactions. This information helps marketers pitch the right products to interested customers.
Read more on Forbes.

I assume I'd still need to clean things up, but at least everything would be in one format.
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I didn't know Amazon had coupons!
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