Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Some breaches seem worse than others... (Would anyone in the US resign in disgrace?)
That latest data breach in South Korea is causing waves there, with estimates that 15-20 million have been affected by an insider breach at the Korea Credit Bureau:
Worried Koreans on Tuesday packed into branches of one of the banks hit by the theft to ensure their money was safe, while lawyers said 130 people joined a class action suit against their credit card providers in what is expected to be the first of multiple litigations.
Financial regulators said a contractor with the Korea Credit Bureau, a private firm that manages the credit information of millions of Koreans for financial services providers, simply loaded details of 105.8 million accounts held by KB Kookmin Card Co Ltd, Lotte Card Co Ltd and NH Nonghyup Card onto a portable hard drive.
The technician was allegedly working on forgery-proofing credit cards when he committed the theft in February, June and December last year, according to regulator Financial Supervisory Service (FSS), citing the prosecutor’s office leading the investigation. The man then sold the information to at least two people including a loan marketer and a broker, the FSS said. The contractor and at least one other person have been arrested.
Read more on DNA from Seoul Reuters.
The Financial Times reports that so far, three dozen financial executives have resigned in disgrace over the breach and over 500,000 people have cancelled their credit cards since the breach was announced last week.
The Financial Supervisory Service, South Korea’s regulatory agency, has issued advice for worried cardholders:
The chance of copying credit cards is very slim, as passwords and card validation codes (CVC) were not stolen. If you are concerned about the financial damage from the information leakage, you can ask credit card companies for the change of passwords, or reissuance of credit cards. In addition, you can join identity protection service provided by personal credit ratings firm Korea Credit Bureau (KCB) for free for one year. The service prevents identity theft as KCB checks whether financial companies inquire a consumer’s credit data, by stopping credit inquiries.
Consumers who concern about any financial losses at overseas merchants can register with credit card companies for the departure confirmation system. It can prevent fraudulent payments of credit cards by checking whether a cardholder stays in Korea at the point of approval of overseas card transaction.
In addition, you can ask credit companies to stop newly issuing credit cards in order to prevent fraudulent issuance of credit cards using stolen identities. You can use the existing cards, while stopping issuance of new ones.
You can read FSS’s full guidance here.

What could possibly go wrong?
IRS Announces Program to Obtain Copies of Past Returns Online or by Mail
by Sabrina I. Pacifici on January 21, 2014
Get Transcript – “Get a record of your past tax returns, also referred to as transcripts. IRS transcripts are often used to validate income and tax filing status for mortgage applications, student and small business loan applications, and during tax preparation.

The lead article in this digest. An update claims it was DHS not the FBI. Does the MPAA have enough clout to scramble a team on a moment's notice? Apparently they do.
Google Glass Movies, Android Malware, LogMeIn Logs Out [Tech News Digest]
Google Glass At The Movies
If the experience of one man in Ohio is anything to go by, Google Glass is likely to be banned from movie theaters. The unnamed man was, according to his account on The Gadgeteer and later confirmed by Business Insider, enjoying watching ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ when he was escorted outside and accused of illegally recording the movie.
His only crime was to be wearing a Google Glass device in the theater. It wasn’t switched on and recording, and he was only wearing it because it had prescription lenses fitted. None of which helped convince the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) or the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) that he had done nothing wrong.
The ordeal lasted more than an hour and only ended when the contents of the man’s Google Glass device were examined. [Because you must prove you are innocent! Bob] At which point he was allowed to leave, with four free passes to the theater in his hand. But no apology.
This may not seem like an important story but it demonstrates several things. Firstly, that Google Glass is likely to cause mayhem if and when it becomes mainstream. Second, that the MPAA has far too much power. Third, that the FBI is woefully unprepared to deal with this new wave of wearable technology. Exciting, huh?!

I called my brother last night to ask how he was dealing with Global Warming (they had 6 inches already) Damn you, Al Gore!
NOAA Product Highlight: U.S. Climate Extremes Index
by Sabrina I. Pacifici on January 21, 2014
“The U.S. Climate Extremes Index or USCEI brings together several climate indicators to illustrate the occurrence of specific extreme events in the contiguous United States from 1910 to the present. These climate indicators include extremes in average monthly maximum and minimum temperatures, heavy one-day precipitation events, drought severity, the number of days with and without precipitation, and the wind intensity of tropical cyclones that make landfall in the country. The USCEI helps paint the picture of how often and how much of the country is dealing with extreme weather throughout time. It does this by tracking the highest and lowest 10% of extremes in these climate indicators. One way to visualize how this works is by thinking of a football field. With temperatures for example, it would be as if the scientists took all of the average monthly maximum, or minimum, temperatures for a specific location and lined them up on a football field from the coolest at one goal line to the warmest at the other goal line. The USCEI incorporates those values that are within the 10-yard line on each end of the field. Scientists can then look at those values and see when most of the high and low extremes occurred, giving them an idea of how they are evolving over time.”

Answers that age old question, “Where were you on the night Col. Mustard was murdered?”
– transforms the photos and videos on your iPhone into a beautiful journal, presenting you with a delightful way to rediscover your most important memories. And since life happens when you least expect it, Heyday automatically chronicles the places you go and the things you see so you’ll never forget a meaningful place or moment again.

This one is interesting. Start with the free account...
– Build an API in seconds with Kimono to power your apps, models and visualizations with live data without writing any code. The Kimono smart extractor recognizes patterns in web content allowing you to get the data you want quickly and visually. App Builder lets you create responsive web apps on top of your APIs without writing any code.

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