Friday, January 03, 2014

Apparently yesterday was another of those “nothing interesting happened” days...

9News had a segment on this “hack,” making it sound like the scam-du-jour. It's been around for a while (note the date on Bruce's article) but apparently not worth fixing?
Gift Card Hack
December 8, 2006
This is a clever hack against gift cards:
Seems they take the cards off the racks in stores and copy down [Now they take photos with their smartphones Bob] the serial numbers. Later on, they check to see if the card is activated, and if the answer is yes, they go on a shopping spree from the store's website.
What's the security problem? A serial number on the cards that's visible even though the card is not activated. This could be mitigated by hiding the serial number behind a scratch-off coating, or opaque packaging.

I'm thinking that Centennial Colorado can be the home of the new “Centennial Dollar!” Current exchange rate is $5 per “CD” (Big discount if you convert a $10,000 or more...)
Kanye West-inspired currency 'to launch soon'
… Virtual currencies are often linked to the purchase of illegal items, namely drugs, thanks to transactions being extremely difficult to trace.

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