Sunday, September 22, 2013

Somehow, I doubt this is the last word.
EPIC – Foreign Intelligence Court Releases Controversial Opinion on Domestic Telephone Records Program
“The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) has released an Opinion, justifying the NSA’s telephone record collection program. In the Opinion, Judge Claire Eagan states that “there is no Fourth Amendment impediment to the collection” of all domestic call detail records. Judge Eagan also concluded that all domestic call detail records are “relevant” under Section 215 because “individuals associated with international terrorist organizations use telephonic systems to communicate” and because the government argued that bulk collection is ‘necessary to create a historical repository of metadata’ in order to identify ‘known and unknown operatives. [I think this is the key to the argument. Using a variety of analytical techniques, you can tie entities together (A called B who then called C...) What you can't do is demonstrate that I am not a terrorist. Therefore like Schrodinger's cat, I am both innocent and guilty... Bob] This FISC opinion was issued more than a month after EPIC filed its Mandamus Petition challenging the NSA domestic surveillance in the U.S. Supreme Court. The Eagan opinion has also been criticized by legal scholars. For more information, see In re EPIC.”

These are the facts.
This is what PogoWasRight said the fact were.
I'm just tossing this out for debate. Purely as a hypothetical...
Elvis wrote this opinion.
Jeff Kosseff writes:
News organizations are more likely to be liable in privacy lawsuits if their reporting is factually incorrect, according to a federal court opinion issued this week.
Read more about Edme v. Internet Brands, Inc. et al on InsidePrivacy.

This could be handy for my website students...
– is a site where you can enter a URL, and have that site’s elements, such as the fonts, the colors, and the image dimensions, broken down for you. It will list the exact HEX codes for each color, as well as specify which font the site is using. You can also download a PDF file with this information for later viewing.

Just because I haven't mentioned MOOCs much, does not mean they have gone away.
Coursera And Udacity Gain Competition As FutureLearn Joins The MOOC Bandwagon
FutureLearn has launched with an open beta website and a roster of free online courses. The UK based program is an alliance of many British educational institutions and also worldwide recognized names like British Council, British Library and the British Museum. FutureLearn is owned by The Open University and its making a foray into the very open space of Massively Open Online Courses (MOOC) with nearly 26 educational partners.
While Coursera and Udacity have become recognizable names in the online courses arena, FutureLearn is a late-starter.

For my iStudents...
Marvin E-Reader for iOS is Better Than Kindle & iBooks
If you want to see how much better Amazon’s Kindle and Apple’s iBooks e-book readers could be, check out Marvin, an e-reader for the iPad and iPhone.
… Marvin can’t open EPUB books with DRM (e.g. iBooks and Kindle books), but it provides a bundle of free e-books to get you started, and there’s also in-app links to public domain catalogues, Project Gutenberg, and Manybooks, to name a few. You can also add books from Dropbox (by signing in within the app) and Calibre in a standard DRM-free EPUB format. If you’re stuck for reading material, check out our review of free and paid online sites to download e-books from.
Download: Marvin (Free)

If you have students put their documents on Google Drive and if you use this Chrome extension, feedback would be fast and easy.
Simply highlight and speak - the Voice Comments app for Google Drive is the fastest way to give high quality feedback on a document.

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