Sunday, December 30, 2012

I bet we still see lots of unencrypted laptops stolen from cars...
By Dissent, December 29, 2012 12:16 pm
In light of a recent blog post about nurses using their own smartphones to enter clinical data, I thought this might be a good time to point readers to HHS’s recent resources for securing mobile devices. Their top tips:
1. Use a password or other user authentication
2. Install and enable encryption
3. Install and activate remote wiping and/or remote disabling
4. Disable and do not install or use file sharing applications
5. Install and enable a firewall
6. Install and enable security software
7. Keep your security software up to date
8. Research mobile applications (apps) before downloading
9. Maintain physical control
10. Use adequate security to send or receive health information over public Wi-Fi networks
11. Delete all stored health information before discarding or reusing the mobile device.
Read more on HHS.

As interesting as the dots are, the empty spaces are even more interesting.
This Crazy Map Has One Dot for Every Person in the United States
All the information for the map comes from the 2010 Census data which—among other things—seems to have reported several people living in Central Park and other weird places.

It's all about the process!
Like math? Thank your motivation, not your IQ
… "The growth in math achievement was predicted by motivation and learning strategies," Murayama told LiveScience. "Given that IQ did not show this kind of effect, we think this is impressive."

Trick to fool students into thinking I'm smarter than they are... (Just a couple of examples)
Hidden Powers of Your Mouse
Scroll sideways: In many versions of Excel, holding down the shift key while scrolling will take you sideways. That's super helpful in a big spreadsheet.
Scroll wheel as back button: In most web browsers, if you hold the shift key while using the scroll wheel, it works like the back button: You can fly through all the sites you've recently visited.

Sometimes it pays to know people. And sometimes you don't have to pay, which is kinda the same thing... (I got my copy already)
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