Sunday, July 08, 2012

This is worth a follow-up. Someone logged in using the correct userid and password but BestBuy can tell they are hackers not the actual user?
Best Buy says some customer accounts accessed by hackers using login combinations obtained elsewhere
July 7, 2012 by admin
Suzanne Choney reports:
Best Buy says some customers’ email accounts may have been hacked. The retail giant is notifying those customers via email, telling them their current passwords have been disabled and asking them to reset their passwords.
The email, which went out Friday, says in part:
We are currently investigating increased attempts by hackers around the world to access accounts on and other online retailers’ e-commerce sites. These hackers did not take username/password combinations from any Best Buy system; they appear to be using combinations taken elsewhere in an attempt to gain access to accounts.
Read more on Technolog.

People still use mail?
"As an Australian, I'd like to announce a new definition of the word 'Irony.' A government contractor put a list of users and details in the mail and it was lost. The list contained users subscribed to the government's privacy breach alert system."

Cutting out the middle man, means no scalpers?
Louis C.K. Responds To Online Ticket Sales Experience: Scalpers’ Opinions Have Been “Enlightening”
When Louis C.K. announced that he was selling tickets to his shows for $45, cutting out ticket middlemen entirely, the response was fairly giddy. As of this writing, he sold $6,102,000 in tickets, not a bad haul. Of those 135,600 tickets, 500 are now floating around the scalping sites.
He did, however do a little experiment: he sold two shows traditionally, through Ticketmaster and the like, and 1,100 of those tickets out of 4,400 available are already on scalping sites like Stubhub.

Handy dandy
Bundlenut is a free to use web service that lets you create online groups of URLs. You can bundle various URLs together that have a common theme and name your bundle. You can create an account on the site simply by connecting it with your Google account – this helps you maintain and edit your bundles anytime you want. A direct link to the bundle shows the links it contains and lets its visitor click on any contained URL and visit it.

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