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I haven't been thinking enough about the future. What is better than Ubiquitous Surveillance? Remote Strip Searching!!!

Prediction: DHS Programs Will Create Privacy Concerns in 2011

January 1, 2011 by Dissent

Jim Harper writes:

The holiday travel season this year revealed some of the real defects in the Transportation Security Administration’s new policy of subjecting select travelers to the “option” of going through airport strip-search machines or being subjected to an intrusive pat-down more akin to a groping. Anecdotes continue to come forth, including the recent story of a rape victim who was arrested at an airport in Austin, TX after refusing to let a TSA agent feel her breasts.

Meanwhile, the Department of Homeland Security is working on the “next big thing”: body-scanning everywhere. This “privacy impact assessment” from DHS’s Science and Technology Directorate details a plan to use millimeter wave—a technology in strip-search machines—along with other techniques, to examine people from a distance, not just at the airport but anywhere DHS wants.

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Indistinguishable from Cyber War?

Zimbabwe Gov't Websites Hit By Pro-WikiLeaks DDoS Attack

"Pro-WikiLeaks hacktivists have struck a blow against the-powers-that-be in Zimbabwe, bringing down three government websites through distributed denial-of-service attacks. The attacks appear to be in support of newspapers who published secret cables in the ongoing WikiLeaks saga, to the annoyance of the country's leadership. Grace Mugabe, wife of Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe, was recently reported to be suing a newspaper for $15 million after it published a WikiLeaks cable that claimed she has benefited from illegal diamond trading. The Zimbabwe government's online portal at and the official ZANU-PF website continue to be offline, and the Finance Ministry's website now displays a message saying it is under maintenance."

Very little available yet, but this could be interesting...

Some Hotmail Accounts Wiped

"PC Magazine reports that many Hotmail accounts have lost all their emails. Users' entire email histories have apparently been lost. 'Users can still log in sans issue. However, they arrive at empty inboxes: No custom folders, no messages in "Sent" or "Deleted," nothing. As one might expect, the abruptness (and unexpectedness) of the purge has left some of Hotmail's long-time users a bit in the dark.'"

I find it difficult to believe that the Army requires it's soldiers to believe in “Invisible Harold” but there is plenty of evidence to suggest they do. Perhaps this is a way to eliminate non-Christians?

Mandatory U.S. Army Survey Says: Non-Believers Unfit To Serve

(Related) From a PowerPoint presentation (so you know it has to be true...)

Comprehensive Fitness includes Spiritual, Family, Emotional, and Social, as well as Physical Components

Tips & Tricks for my Ethical Hackers... You can read more in the PDF on the University Portal...

Detailing the Security Risks In PDF Standard

"At the 27th Chaos Communication Congress in Berlin security researcher Julia Wolf pointed out numerous, previously hardly known security problems in connection with Adobe's PDF standard. For instance, a PDF can reportedly contain a database scanner that becomes active and scans a network when the document is printed on a network printer. Wolf said that the document format is also full of other surprises. For example, it is reportedly possible to write PDFs which display different content in different operating systems, browsers or PDF readers — or even depending on a computer's language settings."

A strategy my IP Lawyer friends will have to counter...

Chinese Intellectual Property Acquisition Tactics Exposed

"In an interview published in, Chinese rail engineers gave a detailed account of the history, motivation, and technologies behind the Chinese high-speed rail system. More interestingly, they blatantly revealed the strategies and tactics used in acquiring high-speed rail tech from foreign companies (Google translation of Chinese original). At the beginning, China developed its own high-speed rail system known as the Chinese Star, which achieved a test speed of 320km/h; but the system was not considered reliable or stable enough for operation. So China decided to import the technologies. The leaders instructed, 'The goal of the project is to boost our economy, not theirs.' A key strategy employed is divide-and-conquer: by dividing up the technologies of the system and importing multiple different technologies across different companies, it ensures no single country or company has total control. 'What we do is to exchange market for technologies. The negotiation was led by the Ministry of Railway [against industry alliances of the exporting countries]. This uniform executive power gave China huge advantage in negotiations,' said Wu Junrong, 'If we don't give in, they have no choice. They all want a piece of our huge high speed rail project.' For example, [Chinese locomotive train] CRH2 is based on Japanese tech, CRH3 on German tech, and CRH5 on French tech, all retrofit for Chinese rail standards. Another strategy is buy-to-build. The first three trains were imported as a whole; the second three were assembled with imported parts; subsequent trains contain more and more Chinese made parts."

It's that time of year again...

20+ Free Printable Calendars & Planners For 2011

3 Web-Based Tools that Generate Awesome Tag Clouds

Building a beautiful tag cloud (based on the terms extracted from a web page) is not all about fun.

This post is meant not only to show you the tools that will build an awesome tag cloud for you but also to inspire you and share various creative ways to use those tools.

For example, you can create infographics to visualize your point and make your message easier to deliver. Besides, you should also check this post on how tag clouds may be useful.

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