Sunday, December 19, 2010

NOTE: This is not a solution to the “someone stole a laptop with all of our customer data back to 1847” problem. The data (on the hard drive) remains accessible. It does suggest an avenue for hackers to shut down your computers.

Intel's Sandy Bridge Processor Has a Kill Switch

"Intel's new Sandy Bridge processors have a new feature that the chip giant is calling Anti-Theft 3.0. The processor can be disabled even if the computer has no Internet connection or isn't even turned on, over a 3G network. With Intel anti-theft technology built into Sandy Bridge, David Allen, director of distribution sales at Intel North America, said that users have the option to set up their processor so that if their computer is lost or stolen, it can be shut down remotely."

Something tells me this is going to be wildly popular with ISPs. Does this suggest a “flat rate” business model might provide some real competition?

Look Forward To Per-Service, Per-Page Fees

"[Two] companies, Allot Communications and Openet — suppliers to large wireless companies including AT&T and Verizon — showed off a new product in a web seminar Tuesday, which included a PowerPoint presentation (1.5-MB .pdf) that was sent to Wired by a trusted source. The idea? Make it possible for your wireless provider to monitor everything you do online and charge you extra for using Facebook, Skype or Netflix. For instance, in the seventh slide of the above PowerPoint, a Vodafone user would be charged two cents per MB for using Facebook, three euros a month to use Skype and $0.50 monthly for a speed-limited version of YouTube."

Humor B.C. Shows one way to avoid parental surveillance.

Most users are content with the basic Google commands. Keep these “Cheatsheets” handy to remind yourself that Google can do so much more...

7 Useful Google Cheatsheets – Download for Free!

In case you get a video capable camera/phone/Barbie doll for Christmas,

Vimeo's 'Video School' now in session

Video-sharing site Vimeo has rolled the cameras on its Vimeo Video School, a freely accessible section of the site devoted to movie-making tutorials for beginners and more-advanced videographers alike.

Launched earlier this week, the Video School expands on and organizes user-generated how-to and tips-and-tricks videos.

It features a Video 101 section, made up of Vimeo-produced clips about the basics; a DSLR Basics section, also Vimeo-produced and devoted to shooting video with digital single lens reflex cameras; and a Featured Lessons section, in which Vimeo staffers offer up teachings on a variety of topics, from composition fundamentals to storyboarding basics to how to make a good holiday video.

Aspiring Eisensteins can also search different categories--Editing, Gear, and Do-It-Yourself among them--to find Vimeo-created "lessons" and user-produced "tutorials" on their chosen area of interest.

Handy if you put PDFs online.

PDFProtect: Password Protect Your PDF Files

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