Friday, November 26, 2010

Took them long enough. I can now drop their “Stupidity Index” back to Fuchsia.

Homeland Security Drops Color-Coded Terror Alerts

"The LA Times reports that the Homeland Security Department is poised to end its five-tiered, color-coded terrorism warning system, a post-Sept. 11 endeavor that has been called too vague to be useful and has been mostly ignored or mocked by the public. The domestic security advisory system was created in 2002 under then-Secretary Tom Ridge and in 2004, the department began assigning color threat levels to general targets such as aviation, financial services and mass transit. However the Department hasn't changed the alert level in four years, even after the attempted bombing of a flight to Detroit on Christmas Day 2009 and the alert level has only been elevated to red once, on Aug. 10, 2006, when British police disrupted a plot to detonate liquid explosives on airliners. Although it is unknown what, if anything, will replace the color-coded alerts, a senior Homeland Security official, who did not want to speak on the record about a decision still under review, says that 'the goal is to replace a system that communicates nothing.'"

Can't we just re-use the big DefCon displays from Wargames?

For my Ethical Hackers

Windows Phone 7 Gets Jailbroken

Windows Phone 7 is "finally" jailbroken! ChevronWP7, the unlocker tool, works with every WP7 phone and allows for the side loading of apps, the use of private APIs, and access to low level functionality. Basically, it unleashes your WP7 phone.

It's easy to jailbreak too: just download the tool, connect your phone, and run through the unlock tool. It's straightforward, very low-risk and completely reversible.

This is a tool I may try with my “online” Math classes. - Live Video Chat With Multiple People

Sifonr is a video chat platform that has two truly commendable qualities. First of all, the whole service is provided at just no cost whatsoever. And in second place (but not least important in any sense) there is no need to register either. You can land on the site and begin chatting with your friends straightaway.

And when it comes to the actual chat services provided, Sifonr is also praiseworthy. You can chat with all the people you want at the very same time, and you can also proceed to share files with them, right as you are chatting away.

There is no limit to the number of participants that can be in the same Sifonr room. You can invite your whole classroom or the entire soccer club if that is what you want. As it was mentioned at the beginning, you are not going to be charged a thing.

A new Sifon is created by clicking the button that is displayed on the main page. You can then proceed to invite all your friends in the way that is more comfortable for you. I am sure many will use Facebook, but you can also invite people by email if you wish.

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