Sunday, October 17, 2010

How come there is no similar concern in the US?

Webcamgate case resolved. Badly

The case was resolved – more or less – last week, when the school district agreed to pay out a $610,000 settlement: $175,000 for Robbins, $10,000 for another student, the rest to their lawyer. So what happened to the school administrators, to McGinley, Matsko and the others who spied on teens at home, then lied about the extent of it?

Nothing. No jobs lost and no financial consequences, either – they're not responsible for the $610,000 payout. The municipal insurer will cover it, then charge higher premiums to Lower Merion taxpayers. The same people whose rights were violated will foot the bill for those very violations.

Oh gee, what a surprise...

Leaked Letter — BSA Pressures Europe To Kill Open Standards

Posted by Soulskill on Sunday October 17, @08:15AM

"The Business Software Alliance is trying to kill open standards. Free Software Foundation Europe has gotten hold of a letter in which the BSA tries to bully the European Commission into removing the last traces of support for open standards from its IT recommendations to the public sector. FSFE published the BSA's letter (PDF), and picked apart its arguments one by one."

Swiss Army folder tool. “I know I have that data somewhere...” Think of this as a “Cloud Search Engine”

Greplin: Free Personal Search Engine For All Your Web Services

Google has solutions both for searching the internet and your hard drive. However, these tools don’t help when it comes to your online life that is scattered across various social networks, email accounts and media platforms. Greplin is a free personal search engine that solves this problem by letting you search all your web data from a single place.

Once you sign up for Greplin, add as many services as you want including Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, LinkedIn, Google Docs and Google Calendar. Greplin will then provide a Google-like search box that will let you simultaneously search all these services for data.

For my Website students

DataConverter: Convert Excel Data Into XML & More

Excel is the most popular tool used for storing data. However, it is not always easy to convert or integrate Excel data with a web server or code. DataConverter helps with that by converting Excel data into web-friendly formats including XML, JSON, ActionScript and Ruby.

Simply paste the Excel data in a CSV (Comma Separated Values) or Tab delimited into the tool and select the desired output format such as XML or ActionScript. Click convert and DataConverter will give you your data in the desired format that can be easily copied.

Another Infographic: For my Computer Security class Perhaps we should require Senior Managers to look at this?

8 Levels of IT Security

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