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The next big hacker target? “Drive the car of your dreams!”
Car Consortium That Includes Apple Announces Digital Car Key Specification for Smartphones
The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC), an organization that includes Apple, today announced the publication of a new Digital Key Release 1.0 specification, which is a standardized solution designed to let drivers download a digital vehicle key onto their smartphones.
… The new Digital Key specification, which uses NFC, was developed to create a "robust ecosystem" around interoperable digital key use cases. It will let drivers lock, unlock, start the engine, and share access to their cars using smart devices like the iPhone with reliable user authentication methods.

My solution? Make the exam much harder.
Algeria Shut Down the Internet to Prevent Students from Cheating on Exams
Algeria shut the Internet down nationwide to prevent high-school students from cheating on their exams.
The solution in New South Wales, Australia was to ban smartphones.

Not sure I follow this…
The National Security Archive launches New CyberWar Map
“The National Security Archive’s Cyber Vault Project is announcing the launch of the CyberWar Map. This resource is both a visualization of state-sponsored cyberattacks and an index of Cyber Vault documents related to each topic (represented as nodes on the map). Clicking on each node will reveal hyperlinks and document descriptions. In some cases where key analysis was done under copyright, the link will direct readers to sources external to the National Security Archive. In a few other cases nodes do not yet have documents to display. The CyberWar Map is a living research aid: documents and nodes will be added on a regular basis. This is a particularly useful way of presenting information related to cyber actors, tools and incidents. The complexity of the field makes it increasingly challenging to conceptualize a “bird’s eye view” of the cyber-battlefield; therefore, the topic lends itself especially well to a dynamic graphic representation.”

A useful link for my Computer Security class.
Brief Overview of GDPR
Impact on E-Workplace and BYOD: GDPR’s strict adherence to EU citizens privacy protections impact US businesses directly and requires extremely strict policies, which is sure to impact BYOD policies. For instance, GDPR compliance may make certain employees have explicit permission to process, control and contain data within particular time frames. Not only this, but in order to adhere to GDPR, companies may need to be strict enough to include emergency erasing capabilities, GPS tracking, and thorough logging of all communication.

The Law gig?
Launching Soon: ‘Text A Lawyer’ Aims To Be The Uber Of Legal Help
Slated to launch next month is a service that allows consumers to get answers to their legal questions by text for a flat price of $20.
The service, called Text A Lawyer, is modeled after ride-sharing service Uber in that it uses two separate mobile apps, one for consumers to submit legal questions and another for lawyers who are in a waiting pool ready to give answers.
The goal, says founder Kevin Gillespie, is to make it simple for low- and moderate-income consumers to get answers to legal questions. Text-messaging is a medium many are comfortable with, he says, and it has the added advantage of providing both the consumer and lawyer with a transcript of the Q&A.
… Consumers will pay $20 to submit a legal question. After consumers open the app, it prompts them to select the state in which they reside and the kind of lawyer they are looking for (family, criminal, immigration, etc.). It then asks them to describe their question in a few sentences. A final screen is a conflicts check, asking the names of any alleged victims, adverse parties and witnesses, and the consumer’s relationship to any of these people.

Joint Chiefs of Staff – Permanent global cyberspace superiority is not possible
Steven Aftergood – Secrecy News Blog: “Military planners should not anticipate that the United States will ever dominate cyberspace, the Joint Chiefs of Staff said in a new doctrinal publication. The kind of supremacy that might be achievable in other domains is not a realistic option in cyber operations. “Permanent global cyberspace superiority is not possible due to the complexity of cyberspace,” the DoD publication said. In fact, “Even local superiority may be impractical due to the way IT [information technology] is implemented; the fact US and other national governments do not directly control large, privately owned portions of cyberspace; the broad array of state and non-state actors; the low cost of entry; and the rapid and unpredictable proliferation of technology.” Nevertheless, the military has to make do under all circumstances. “Commanders should be prepared to conduct operations under degraded conditions in cyberspace.” This sober assessment appeared in a new edition of Joint Publication 3-12, Cyberspace Operations, dated June 8, 2018. (The 100-page document updates and replaces a 70-page version from 2013.)…”

Perspective. Why I have my students working with Apps and IoT.
HPE: $4 Billion Says Intelligent Edge is the Future of Computing
Hewlett Packard Enterprise on Tuesday unveiled a new strategy it’s planning to spend $4 billion to pursue over the next four years.
The company will invest that much in technology and services to enable the intelligent edge, a catch-all phrase used to describe the myriad of things like smart sensors and cameras or devices that aggregate and process data they produce upstream in the network, such as routers, gateways, or servers. What makes them “edge” devices is their location at the source of the data rather than in a big data center somewhere far away. What makes them “intelligent” is the computing capacity and software to analyze the data in near-real-time, as it’s being generated, and make decisions based on insights gleaned from that analysis.

Perspective. A new industry and already arrogant.
Bird scooters refuses to suspend operations after city's request
Bird electric scooters will not suspend its operations in Indianapolis as requested by the city in a letter sent Tuesday evening.
"We look forward to continuing to serve our new Indy riders as we work with city leaders to create a regulatory framework that works best for the people of Indianapolis and helps them meet their goals," Bird spokesman Kenneth Baer said in a statement sent to the IndyStar.
… The city's letter requesting the suspension cited "a number of public safety, legal, and regulatory concerns."
It also referenced an ordinance currently pending approval of the City-County Council's Public Works Committee that would make unlawful "a dockless bicycle share or hire program on a street, roadway, or other city-owned property or rights-of-way."
… Bird scooters continued operations in Nashville after the city sent a cease and desist letter two days after the service launched. The company suspended operations after the city impounded more than 400 scooters.

Perspective. Does the government ever look at the cost?
Housing A Separated Migrant Child Costs The US More Than An Admiral’s BAH
To take a migrant child from her parents at a U.S. point of entry, place her in a just-erected government tent city, and keep her separated from family costs the federal government a whopping $775 per child per night, according to the Department of Health and Human Services — more than twice what it would cost to house the children in detention with their families, and nearly six times more than a brigadier general’s or rear admiral’s housing allowance for New York City.

Fake News? How does this get past management?
Burger King pulls Russia World Cup ad promoting sex with players
Burger King has apologized for an online ad offering burgers to Russian women who get impregnated by soccer players during the World Cup the country is hosting until July 15. The promotion on the global fast food chain's account on VK – a local rival of Facebook – suggested Russia could benefit from some good "football genes."
"As part of its social responsibility (campaign), Burger King is offering a reward to women who get impregnated by football stars," said Burger King.
"Every woman will get three million rubles (around $45,000) and a lifetime's supply of Whopper burgers. Women who manage to get the best football genes will ensure Russia's success in future generations."
… "We apologise for our statement. It turned out to be too offensive," Burger King said.
The ad appeared to be ineptly trying to poke fun at an infamatory statement by a lawmakers who urged women not to have sex with foreign fans.

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