Sunday, April 01, 2018

Some perspective for my Computer Security students.
Theodore J. Kobus III writes:
On Monday we published our fourth annual Data Security Incident Response Report, which provides an analysis of the more than 560 cyber incidents handled by the team in 2017. Reflecting on the increasingly sophisticated nature of attacks, the aggressiveness by regulators in researching breaches and the expectations of highly developed responses, the report offers intelligence to help entities reduce their risk profile, build resilience, and be better prepared to respond when incidents occur.
Read more on BakerHostetler Data Privacy Monitor.

TL;DR? Is this an April Fool’s joke?
Quickly Summarize Long Articles With SummarizeThis
SummarizeThis is a free tool that will quickly create a summary of long passages of text. To use SummarizeThis you just copy and paste text into the summary box and click "summarize." A summary of the text then appears above the original text that you copied.
I included SummarizeThis in my recent search strategies webinar. There are often times when students won't look at a PDF or Word document that pops-up in search results because they think that the article will take too long to read or because they don't see a particular keyword in the beginning of the article. By using SummarizeThis students can save time by getting a sense of what a long article is about before reading the whole thing in detail.

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