Sunday, February 04, 2018

Should any Class Action settlement allow the basis of the Class Action to continue?
From EPIC:
EPIC has filed an amicus brief with a federal appeals court urging the court to reject a proposed class action settlement over Facebook’s practice of scanning private messages. EPIC challenged the settlement because it did not require Facebook to stop scanning private messages. In fact, the company can continue scanning messages by simply burying a notice on its website. Also, there was no compensation to Internet users for the prior violation of federal and state laws. EPIC is dedicated to class action fairness in privacy cases and has objected to many similar settlements that failed to provide actual benefits to Internet users. EPIC recently opposed a settlement with Google that allows the company to continue tracking web users. EPIC also opposed a settlement with Facebook in 2014 that allowed the company to continue an unlawful practice.

How to beat Netflix? No special deals here, Netflix was concentrating on other things.
Netflix is getting crushed in India, and it's all because of Amazon and Hotstar
… Hotstar, for instance, has the digital rights to HBO shows in the country, and streams Game of Thrones episodes the same day they air in the U.S. That's obviously a huge pull, as is the fact that Hotstar has exclusive rights to stream cricket and football games in the country.
Then there's the issue of pricing: the base tier of Hotstar is free (albeit with ads), and there's a single premium tier that costs ₹199 a month ($3). For that price, you get access to over 40 HBO shows, which in itself is a pretty great deal. The service serves over 200 U.S.-based shows in total, not to mention a dizzying array of regional programming.

Will this drive small businesses off the Office suite? (There are viable free alternatives that are entirely compatible.)
Microsoft Office 2019 will force IT to migrate to Windows 10
… When Office 2019 comes out later this year, Microsoft will support it only on Windows 10, the company said this week. Organizations that want support for the new version of Office on Windows 7 or 8.1 must buy a subscription to Office 365. These moves will push IT to migrate to Windows 10 and ensure that any holdouts pay up for Office 365.

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