Monday, August 14, 2017

Every class I teach is impacted by Big Data.  Remember, I started with 80 column punch cards.
New on LLRX – Even When Big Data Favors Your Clients, Doesn’t Mean You’ll Sleep at Night
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Via LLRX.comEven When Big Data Favors Your Clients, Doesn’t Mean You’ll Sleep at Night: Attorney Carolyn Elefant discusses what she has learned from her recent experience with data-driven decision making – specifically, although data improves the accuracy of predictions, it doesn’t remove all risk.

Quasi-vigilante?  Name someone you think might have been there?  With a little tech (Phones that record video, video editors that can isolate a face, facial recognition) this could become a popular game.  Looks like it’s back to those pointy hood for these people. 
Yes, You're Racist: Twitter user names Virginia protesters
The internet gave white nationalists a platform to organize their Unite The Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. It's also giving counter-protesters a way to strip them of their anonymity. 
A Twitter account called Yes, You're Racist has been naming and shaming white supremacists who over the weekend protested a decision by Charlottesville to remove a statue of Confederate general Robert E. Lee.
The user of the account on Saturday asked followers, who currently total more than 240,000, to send names and social media profiles of anyone they recognized at the protests.  The site has identified at least nine protesters so far.
   The rapid use of Twitter to crowdsource the identification of rally participants in real time marks a new use of the platform.  Twitter has strict rules about disclosing personal information, such as intimate photos, Social Security numbers and financial information.  Identifying individuals from photographs taken in public settings, such as the rally, doesn't appear to violate those rules. 

I haven’t seen much evidence of this.
Another view on the Google book scanning project
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What Happened to Google’s Effort to Scan Millions of University Library Books?: “…many librarians and scholars see the legacy of the project differently.  In fact, academics now regularly tap into the reservoir of digitized material that Google helped create, using it as a dataset they can query, even if they can’t consume full texts.  It’s a pillar of the humanities’ growing engagement with Big Data….  That rich resource has been put to several good uses.  Through the HathiTrust Research Center, scholars can tap into the Google Books corpus and conduct computational analysis—looking for patterns in large amounts of text, for instance—without breaching copyright.  And print-disabled users can use assistive technologies to read scanned books that might otherwise be difficult if not impossible to find in accessible formats…”

Marketing gone to the dogs.  I’m guessing they mean “wet dog” smell? 
Celebrate National Dog Day with 'new dog smell' air fresheners
Now you can have your car smell like your best friend or fur baby.  For National Dog Day on August 26 -- yes, that's a real thing and should be a federally recognized holiday -- you'll be able to claim a free "new dog smell" air freshener from Autotrader.
It might seem like a cheap gimmick to get readers to click on a site, but it's for a good cause.  For every doge-smelling air freshener, Autotrader will donate to  You'll be able to claim your air freshener and contribute to the cause at this link starting on August 24.

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