Friday, August 04, 2017

Digital Forensics, this fall.
The Coolest Talk at Defcon 25 That No One is Writing About
   one talk blew my mind, and its surprising that no one’s been writing about it.  The room was packed for “CableTap: Wireless Tapping Your Home Network.”  I was expecting it to be a DIY class that could help hobby hackers see what’s happening on their home networks (because Comcast doesn’t provide a way).  Instead, the scope of the talk was much, much broader and more entertaining.
Three researchers, Marc Newlin and Logan Lamb, with Bastille Networks and Christopher Grayson with Web Sight, found 26 vulnerabilities within ISP network devices that would have given them remote admin access to the majority of home networks in the United States. 

It’s all in the timing.  Will anyone wait (or come back) to see if an article gets challenged?  On the other hand, these jobs might help employ people fired because computers now do their jobs. 
Facebook Expands Fight Against Fake News With Automatic, Related Articles
   On Thursday, Facebook announced it is more broadly rolling out and improving its “Related Articles” feature to help minimize the circulation and impact of false and misleading stories in peoples' news feeds.  Using updated machine learning technology, Facebook said it can now identify a higher volume of potential hoaxes on the social network and direct them more quickly to a group of third-party fact checkers.  If fact checkers review a story, Facebook may proactively show users a unit of related articles below the original post that debunks its claims or offers relevant context.  The related articles may also include a post written by a third-party fact checker critiquing or contextualizing the original story.  The feature is now rolling out more broadly within the U.S. and is extending to Germany, France and the Netherlands. Facebook said it may expand the tool further depending on individual countries’ needs.

Current research!  Not that stuff that is an Internet Century (two years) old!
JournalTOCs current awareness service for updates on latest subject matter specific articles
by on
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