Monday, April 24, 2017

Is it war?  Is it preparation for war?  Is it the equivalent of taking pictures of the defenses at Normandy? 
Denmark Says Russia Hacked Defense Ministry Emails
Denmark on Monday denounced Moscow's "aggressive" behavior after a report accused Russian hackers of infiltrating the defense ministry's email accounts.
"This is part of a continuing war from the Russian side in this field, where we are seeing a very aggressive Russia," Defense Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen told Danish news agency Ritzau.
A report published Sunday by the Centre for Cyber Security accused a group of pro-Kremlin hackers of breaking into the emails of defense ministry employees in 2015 and 2016.
"The hacked emails don't contain military secrets, but it is of course serious," Frederiksen said.

Inside the Hunt for Russia’s Hackers
Russia’s cyberwarfare operations are built on the back of their cybercriminal networks. Can the US and its allies take them down?

We learned not to do this 50+ years ago.  Why do we still do it? 
Hardcoded Credentials Give Attackers Full Access to Moxa APs
   Researchers at Cisco’s Talos intelligence and research group have analyzed Moxa’s AWK-3131A AP/bridge/client product, which is recommended for any type of industrial wireless application, and discovered hardcoded credentials corresponding to an account that cannot be disabled or removed.
According to researchers, an attacker can leverage the username “94jo3dkru4” and the password “moxaiwroot” to log in to an undocumented account that provides root privileges.

See students?  I am not unique.
Pew – Not everyone in advanced economies is using social media
by Sabrina I. Pacifici on Apr 23, 2017
Pew: Despite the seeming ubiquity of social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, many in Europe, the U.S., Canada, Australia and Japan do not report regularly visiting social media sites.  But majorities in all of the 14 countries surveyed say they at least use the internet.  Social media use is relatively common among people in Sweden, the Netherlands, Australia and the U.S.  Around seven-in-ten report using social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but that still leaves a significant minority of the population in those countries (around 30%) who are non-users.  At the other end of the spectrum, in France, only 48% say they use social networking sites.  That figure is even lower in Greece (46%), Japan (43%) and Germany (37%).  In Germany, this means that more than half of internet users say they do not use social media.  The differences in reported social media use across the 14 countries are due in part to whether people use the internet, since low rates of internet access limit the potential social media audience.  While fewer than one-in-ten Dutch (5%), Swedes (7%) and Australians (7%) don’t access the internet or own a smartphone, that figure is 40% in Greece, 33% in Hungary and 29% in Italy…”

Sounds like Jack is channeling Paul David’s paper, The dynamo and the computer.
Alibaba’s Jack Ma predicts 30 years of pain as technology disrupts every industry
“In the next 30 years, the world’s pain will be much greater than its happiness,” Ma told a Chinese entrepreneurial conference over the weekend.  “Social conflicts over the next 30 years will hugely impact every industry.”  Ma has lately become a mix of futurist, business seer, and conference-circuit speaker.  Last year, in a letter to Alibaba shareholders, Ma imagined the difficult future for old businesses.  “Throughout history, technological disruptions have followed similar trajectories: 20 years of technological disruption followed by 30 years of further rapid change as new technologies are applied throughout society,” he wrote, before predicting the change would benefit Alibaba, as retailers turned to its technologies to transform China’s $4.5 trillion retail market. 

Something for my nephew.  He is in high school.  Time to start a business! 
This teen made a million bucks selling socks out of his backyard
A Portland, Oregon teenager has sold $1 million in custom socks, and he hasn't even graduated high school.
Brennan Agranoff is the founder and CEO of HoopSwagg, an online custom-design sock business that he runs from his backyard.
   He gets about 100 new sock orders every day for the more than 500 designs that he comes up with himself.

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