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Is this the best they are capable of, or is this just to tease western security services?
German Political Parties Hit by Cyber Attacks
German political parties have fallen victim to a new round of cyber attacks, documents showed Wednesday, after Berlin's domestic spy agency accused Russia of a series of operations aimed at spying and sabotage.
Politicians and employees of several parties received emails purporting to be sent from NATO headquarters, but which instead contained a link that installed spyware on the recipient's computer, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung daily and regional broadcasters NDR and WDR reported.
Citing unnamed security experts, German media said the attacks on August 15 and 24 appeared to have been carried out by state-backed Russian hackers.

Which begs these questions: Are you looking?  Would you recognize your data if you saw it?
Joseph Cox reports:
It’s pretty hard to know when your data might have been compromised.  Over the last few years, an industry of threat intelligence firms has popped up that offer to monitor criminal forums, paste sites, and Tor hidden services for stolen intellectual property or customer information.
Now, one of these companies is letting anyone monitor the dark web for a limited amount of their own personal information.  On Tuesday, Terbium Labs announced it was opening up its “Matchlight” product to the general public, allowing users to keep tabs on five different pieces of info for free.
Read more on Motherboard.

The University has a very large format printer but I’m not sure we could do this in one pass.
There have been a ton of articles trying to wake up the public to just how much Facebook knows about you.  I generally skip posting those articles, as my readers tend to be pretty savvy.  But this article by Larry Kim is worth noting, because you may want to save it and show it to your kids or co-workers or those who need a wake-up call.
Just look at all of Facebook’s ad-targeting options in this infographic by Wordstream to realize how much info Facebook has about you – and keep in mind that there are those (advertisers) who think this is a good thing!

Does Guinness know?  What my Computer Security students will face. 
Brian Krebs' Blog Hit by 665 Gbps DDoS Attack
Investigative cybercrime journalist Brian Krebs reported on Tuesday that his website,, was hit by a massive distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack that could be the largest in history.
According to Krebs, his site was targeted with various types of DDoS attacks, including SYN and HTTP floods.  The attack peaked at 665 Gbps and 143 Mpps (million packets per second), but it was successfully mitigated by Akamai, the company that provides DDoS protection services for KrebsOnSecurity.

Vague on security and privacy, but hey, it’s only 115 pages!
Federal Automated Vehicles Policy - September 2016

The U.S. Department of Transportation's Federal Automated Vehicles Policy, published September 2016.

Helping my students think at the C-level. 
What to think about when moving to the cloud
   Enterprises across all sectors are either in the cloud, transitioning to the cloud, or thinking about making the idea of cloud a reality. 
For those who are preparing to make the move, there are a variety of concerns to consider and plan for in order to make for a smooth transition.  In addition to deciding on the right cloud provider and whether to go with a private or a public cloud, CISOs also need to think about implementing solutions for controls on access, encryption, legal and compliance issues.  

Perhaps this is why my Computer Security classes are full?
Zero-percent cybersecurity unemployment, 1 million jobs unfilled

It’s obvious, in retrospect.
Amazon’s Daring Move Could Mean the End of Cable Subscriptions, Inc. is looking to offer a new benefit to its Prime members.  The world’s largest online retailer plans to get live video rights in a variety of sports that have a more global appeal.  These include soccer, tennis, golf, rugby, and auto-racing.  The company is also looking to offer live streaming of more popular US sports like basketball, baseball, football, and hockey.  If Amazon closes its deals, it could entice new customers to sign up for its online TV service.
Numbers have shown that live sports are some of the few reasons people remain subscribed to cable networks.

Some sources for my next Statistics class?
Univ. of Michigan – Deep Blue Data Repository
by Sabrina I. Pacifici on Sep 20, 2016
Deep Blue Data is a repository offered by the University of Michigan Library that provides access and preservation services for digital research data that were developed or used in the support of research activities at U-M.  The datasets that underlie research findings are increasingly in demand.  Funding agencies require that research data be discoverable, accessible and preserved for future use.  Publishers ask for data sets to be included alongside of publications as supplemental files to support research findings.  Researchers seek out existing data sets to test out new theories or generate new discoveries.  In response, The University of Michigan Library has developed Deep Blue Data, a repository for sharing and archiving research data that were developed at the University of Michigan.  Deep Blue Data is a component of a suite of services provided by the U-M Library designed to broadly disseminate the intellectual contributions in research, teaching and creativity made by the University of Michigan community and to ensure its longevity.  Why deposit in Deep Blue Data?
  • Share your data — Deep Blue Data provides a means for you to publish your data through a protected and secure repository, making your research more visible to the world.
  • Compliance with grant requirements — Depositing your data into Deep Blue Data enables you to demonstrate compliance with funding agency requirements to share and archive your data sets.
  • Get credit for your work — Your data will be assigned a Digital Object Identifier upon deposit making it easier for people to cite your data set and provide proper attribution.
  • Preserve your data — The University of Michigan Library is committed to preserving the data sets deposited into Deep Blue Data. See File formats and Preservation for details.
  • It’s Free — There is no charge to deposit data into the Deep Blue Data repository in most cases…”

Imagine someone not knowing all about Medium!
7 Awesome Tools You Should Definitely Try If You Love Medium
It’s easy to see why Medium is popular.  Lots of influential people and websites have set up publications and the Medium site as a whole gets some serious traffic (upwards of 75 million a month).
   Some third-party tools are now appearing to make your Medium experience a good one.  Here are a few of the best

Something for small town Colorado?
AT&T unveils AirGig for low-cost wireless broadband along power lines
&T on Tuesday announced a low-cost, high-speed wireless internet technology that relies on plastic antennas positioned along medium-voltage power lines.
   plastic antennas will be attached to the power lines and serve as a mesh network to distribute signals to homes and businesses.  To test the technology, AT&T is looking for a location somewhere in the next year with a favorable regulatory environment, since the carrier would need to partner with an existing electric utility.
   By using power lines, AirGig avoids the expense of digging trenches to lay fiber optic cable.  A utility company would be able to use the technology to help spot problems on its power lines from something like a downed tree.
“It’s a transformative technology that delivers low-cost and multigigabit speeds using power lines,” said John Donovan, chief strategy officer for AT&T.  “There’s no need for enhancements for new towers, and it’s over existing infrastructure.”

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