Saturday, August 20, 2016

Explaining to my students why Computer Security is cost effective.  An insider copied and tried to sell customer data. 
There’s an update to an insider breach involving the Czech subsidiary of T-Mobile.
Telecompaper reports (subscription required) that the Czech data protection watchdog has fined T-Mobile CZK 3.6 million (approximately $150,000) for not having sufficient safeguards in place.

Nothing to prevent attacks?  More video recording to identify terrorists after they strike. 
Zeke Turner reports:
…. A country branded by its dictatorial past, when surveillance was both dreaded and commonplace, Germany has some of the world’s toughest privacy laws.  But after two attacks claimed by Islamic State and a mass shooting this summer, the government is pushing to recalibrate the balance between security and anonymity.
This month, German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière introduced a raft of security proposals.
Read more on WSJ.

Perhaps our computer club could hack our LMS (preferably with an ax)
NBA holds its first hackathon -- should your company, too?
Companies large and small have already embraced the hackathon as a way to foster collaboration and innovation, and now the NBA has announced that it's jumping on board.
Scheduled to take place next month in New York, the NBA's first-ever event is open to undergraduate and graduate student statisticians, developers and engineers in the U.S. who are interested in building basketball analytics tools.  Participants will present their work to a panel of expert judges and an audience of NBA League Office and team personnel.
   Once considered a decidedly alternative approach, hackathons are becoming a mainstream corporate tool.  The obvious next question is, should your company get involved?
   There are actually two different kinds of hackathons: internal ones, where a company's own staff are the participants, and external ones, which are open to the public.

OH dear, is it Saturday already?
Hack Education Weekly News
   How often are students tasered at school?  We don’t know.  From the Huffington Post, a look at school police taser policies/practices and their effects on students: “Set to Stun.”
   Personalized CliffNotes” pretty much sums up the state of ed-tech in 2016.
   “‘Clickbait’-esque titles work for academic papers too,” says Boing Boing.
   Via The New York Times: “Last year’s law school graduates landed fewer jobs in private practice than any class in the last two decades, according to the National Association for Law Placement, which tracks developments in the legal profession.”

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