Monday, June 13, 2016

I asked my Computer Security class to list the risks of ordering Apps.  Dominos may have solved a few.
You could soon order a Domino’s pizza online without a single click
   One of the ten new services announced at Domino's Abacus tech series event in Sydney is the "zero click order" which is expected to be launched in coming months.  This service simplifies the order process down to launching the Domino's mobile app which will count down 10 seconds before sending an order for the customer's favorite pizza or previous order.
There are security measures in place for the service so customers don't accidentally order pizzas, such as the choice to lock the app,
   Another new service is the "on-time cooking" for pick up customers.  With the use of a GPS customer tracker, Domino's will only start making the pizza when the customer is in close proximity to the store.  This will help to ensure that customers receive their pizzas fresh.
   The pizza chain is also planning to cut delivery time down to ten minutes, with the program first expected to roll out in Australia, followed by New Zealand, Japan and Europe.  The average delivery time globally is 22 minutes.
   Earlier in March, the company announced the launch of a four-wheeled autonomous delivery vehicle known as Domino's Robotic Unit (DRU) to deliver pizza to customers' doorsteps, but the service is still being trialed.

An interesting article for my Architecture students.  What business is Microsoft in? 
Microsoft Will Serve You Now

For all my twit students.
How to Check If Your Twitter Password Has Leaked & What to Do Next
   if you have taken precautions to stay safe from being hacked on Twitter, there’s a chance that your details have been leaked.  Twitter itself has attempted to notify users who are affected by this, asking them to change their passwords.
Check If Your Account is Compromised
The bad news is taken care of; let’s move to the good news.  There’s actually one single place to check if your account is among those compromised by this leak.
The leak was detected by LeakedSource, a new database of over 1.8 billion leaked records across different sites and sources.  LeakedSource obtained a copy of the Twitter leak and added it to its repository, thus making it possible for you to search for your account.

Interesting.  What will be the impact of listing music that is no longer covered by a copyright?  Will they do that?
Enough With The Lawsuits: Berklee, MIT Lead Effort To Create Ownership Rights Database For Music Industry
Berklee College of Music and the MIT Media Lab are leading a new initiative they hope will one day solve complicated, expensive music industry issues involving licensing, distribution and ownership rights.
Big names are signing on, including Spotify, Pandora, YouTube, Netflix, Soundcloud, NPR and major record label/entertainment groups Sony, Universal and Warner.  If it succeeds, this broad constellation of players believe it could change the many-layered, multi-organism music ecosystem as we know it.
   “It’s one of the few industries that I know where you can use something and it's OK to not really know who to pay,” he said with a laugh. “Well we don’t think that that should be acceptable.”
   “You're performing live, you're recording music, your music is being streamed on Spotify or it's on YouTube.  The amount of income streams that they have for any piece of music they create is bewildering, and there really is no simple way for you as a musician to know if what you're getting paid is accurate,” he said.

It’s good to be a business in the gig economy. 
Didi Chuxing Gets Investment of More Than $500 Million From China Life
China’s top life insurer is making a big investment in the country’s $25 billion homegrown competitor to Uber Technologies Inc., despite already investing in Uber’s global operation, according to people familiar with the situation.
China Life Insurance Co. is plowing more than $500 million into Didi Chuxing Technology Co., after Apple Inc. made a $1 billion investment in the firm, China’s biggest ride-sharing company, according to one of the people.

Lyft’s $5.5 Billion Plan for World Domination

Perspective.  It’s a liberal thing.  All good comes from the state and therefore the state should control all.  Remember, Al Gore invented the Internet and Global Warming! 
Rep Nancy Pelosi Says Thank Your Government For Creating Smartphone Technology
U.S. House of Representatives Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi claimed at a Democratic National Convention Platform Hearing that the vast majority of smartphone technology was “invented” by the federal government.  Her argument was for more more research and development spending in the federal budget.
Pelosi explained, “Anybody here have a smartphone?  In this smartphone, almost everything came from federal investments and research.  GPS, created by the military, flatscreens, LLD [sic], digital camera, wireless data compression, research into metal alloys for strength and lightweight, voice recognition — the list goes on and on….   They say Steve Jobs did a good idea designing it and putting it together.  Federal research invented it.”

Something my students need to know.
How to Upload Perfect Native Video on Each Social Network
Every social network worth its salt now supports videos.  It’s estimated that by 2019, 80% of the world’s Internet traffic will be used in watching videos.  If you want people to pay attention to you on Facebook or other social profiles, you’d better learn the tricks to upload perfect videos.
The biggest mistake you can make is to upload the same video on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat by using a mass uploader like Buffer Video.  What draws eyeballs on Twitter might not get anyone interested on YouTube.  Like with anything else, you need to customize content for every type of audience.

Dilbert illustrates the power of social media.

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