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Are they responding to new rules or AT&T's $100 million fine? I guess saying you will comply with the law sounds better.
Sprint stops throttling data in response to net neutrality
Sprint stopped slowing traffic on its network for customers who use a lot of data in order to make sure it is complying with the new net neutrality rules, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Explains a lot, doesn't it.
Top FAA Official Says 'Not My Problem'
The FAA’s VP of Safety and Technical Training says cheating on FAA air traffic control exams and corruption in the air traffic control hiring process is not his problem. Joseph Teixeira, the FAA administrator in charge of safety standards is also in charge of leading the agency’s technical training and certification of air traffic controllers and technicians.

The Art of CyberWar. What to do when the other guys are as smart as you are...
The US-led campaign against ISIL is going well in neither the terrestrial nor cyber realms. ISIL’s successful offensives against Ramadi in Iraq and Palmyra in Syria in late May triggered controversies that the Paris meeting of the anti-ISIL coalition in early June did little to resolve. The State Department followed this bad news with an unflattering post-Paris assessment of US and coalition efforts against ISIL’s online offensive. The New York Times described this document as painting a “dismal picture of the efforts by the Obama administration and its foreign allies to combat the Islamic State’s message machine, portraying a fractured coalition that cannot get its own message straight.” This perspective reinforced a Washington Post article from early May about problems with US counter-militant messaging in the Bush and Obama administrations.
Countering ISIL’s use of the Internet, especially social media, has clearly confounded the United States and its partners.
… Two new publications issued this week analyze the problems ISIL’s online activities create and offer recommendations to improve countermeasures. In a Council on Foreign Relations Cyber Brief, I focus on challenges the US government and tech companies face in taking down online content associated with ISIL without compromising commitments to free speech. In a Wikistrat report, Daveed Gartenstein-Ross and Nathaniel Barr argue that ISIL is “winning its propaganda war” against Western powers and advise the United States on how to strengthen online counter-messaging activities.
[You should check out WikiStrat Bob]

Might fit into one of my Computer Security classes.
WikiLeaks Dumps 276,000 More Documents from Sony Hack
The new release adds to more than 30,000 documents published by WikiLeaks in April. Both groups of documents can be searched on the WikiLeaks page.

Hey, we've got all these users, how can we use them? (Aside from making them watch all those Ads)
Google News Lab launches three new projects focused on crowd-sourced journalism
The News Lab at Google, run by former YouTube executive Olivia Ma, launched three interesting projects on Thursday, all of which are focused to some extent on crowd-sourced or networked journalism. The first, known as YouTube Newswire, is a joint venture between the video platform and Storyful, the News Corp.-owned service that specializes in verifying content that comes from social media.
… The Google News Lab also announced the launch of another interesting project on Thursday called the First Draft Coalition. This is a working group of agencies focused on crowd-sourced journalism, including Storyful, the Eyewitness Media Hub, Bellingcat, the unit of First Look Media, Meedan, Emergent and Verification Junkie. All will be contributing to a new site for verification and ethics training, which will feature tools and research.
… Bellingcat also open-sources all of the data that it generates, including photos and video, using a database tool called Silk, which allows anyone to contribute their own content to the project or update information, and also allows other media outlets or sites to embed the content easily on their own sites.
The third project from Google is called The WITNESS Media Lab, and is a partnership with a non-profit group called WITNESS that trains non-journalists in how to report on injustice and human-rights violations around the world.

(Related) Why? Or, What Google learned by analyzing their data.
Google Trends Now Shows the Web’s Obsessions in Real Time
Google Trends has long been a tool for journalists tracking what people wanted to know about in the recent past. The function hasn’t changed, but the tense has: Trends now tracks stories in real time, giving unfettered access to what the Internet wants to know in the moment.
Trends had been largely unchanged since 2012, a helpful but slightly backdated look at subjects people were searching for over the last day or more. As of today, you can see minute-by-minute information culled from the 100 billion searches that take place on Google at any given month. Not only that, but Trends now pulls in information from Google News and YouTube, for a fuller view of what people want to know.

If I use a Google mapping App to guide a tour, am I a Google employee? (Digest Item #1)
Uber Drivers Are Employees In California
Basically no one works for Uber – at least, that’s what the $40 billion company claims. The more than 167,000 drivers around the world are all independent contractors, driving their own cars, all of whom just happen to use Uber’s technology to find customers.
That might be changing, at least in California. A ruling by The California Labor Commission this week awarded San Francisco resident Barbara Ann Berwick, a former Uber driver, $4,000 in “unpaid wages” – something independent contractors are not entitled to.
Uber, and other sharing economy companies like TaskRabbit and Handy, could end up seeing similar scrutiny throughout the golden state. Uber, for its part, claims the ruling applies only to Berwick.
[From the Reuters article:
Uber said in a statement that officials in five other states have found that its drivers are independent contractors.
And in 2012, the same California commission found that another Uber driver was an independent contractor, citing evidence such as the ability of the driver to determine his own hours.
… But the commission said Uber controls the tools [The software that summons a ride? Bob] driver use, monitors their approval ratings and terminates their access to the system if their ratings fall below 4.6 stars.

Perhaps there isn't a “One model fits all” solution?
Artist rebellion against Apple Music grows as independent labels say they won't participate in the launch
Independent record labels are concerned that by giving away their music for free during Apple Music's three month free trial, they will essentially be footing the bill for Apple's launch.
So they are bailing on the music-streaming app.

Took 'em long enough.
NHTSA’s Database Now Lists All Affected Vehicles
by Sabrina I. Pacifici on Jun 18, 2015
If your vehicle is manufactured by BMW, Chrysler, Daimler Trucks, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, or Toyota, you may be affected by a recall on airbags. The recall affects nearly 34 million vehicles in the U.S. If your vehicle is manufactured by the brands listed above use the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) VIN search tool or a specific vehicle-maker’s site to confirm if you are affected by the recall. If your vehicle is listed, contact the manufacturer [Actually, the manufacturers want you to contact the dealers. Bob] to find out when you can get your vehicle fixed and at no cost to you. You can also continue to check for updates on this recall or subscribe to NHTSA’s Recall Notification E-mail System.”

A skill my students should master? Law and journalism as well as piloting tips...
The Best of Internet: Learn How to Pilot a Drone with These Handy Websites

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