Tuesday, March 10, 2015

It is always better to breach a technology that serves multiple clients. Once any PoS system is breached, it may be possible to use the technique everywhere that system is used.
PoS Vendor NEXTEP SYSTEMS Investigates Data Breach Report
Point-of-sale vendor NEXTEP SYSTEMS confirmed it was notified by law enforcement that the security of some of its systems at customer locations may have been compromised.
… "We do know that this is not affecting all NEXTEP customers, [It takes time to locate all potential victims Bob] and we have been working with our customers to ensure that any issues are addressed. This remains an ongoing investigation with law enforcement. At this stage, we are not certain of the extent of the breach, [“We really don't know who is or is not breached.” Bob] and are working to ensure a complete resolution."

Hey, it's a start!
The US government last week conceded for the first time that some companies have the right to publish so called “warrant canaries” in a new filing supporting its partial motion to dismiss Twitter’s effort to publish more detailed statistics about the national-security surveillance requests the company has (or has not) received. This is indeed a significant development, and it should remove a cloud of legal doubt for certain providers who publish statements indicating they have received zero national-security requests. But the government’s concession comes with several qualifications that significantly limit its reach, and the biggest statutory and constitutional questions surrounding warrant canaries will have to await decision on another day.

So that make it unanimous.
No one in Russia believes the official explanation for Boris Nemtsov's murder
The Russian media is raising awkward questions for the Kremlin surrounding the murder of prominent opposition politician Boris Nemtsov.
… As Vedomosti points out, most murders with links to Chechnya are to do with local disputes over influence of business interests. The fact that Nemtsov appeared to have very little to do with Chechnya directly makes the link in this case all the more tenuous.
The Kremlin will be hoping that the arrests will go some way to reassuring the Russian people that they are taking action to bring Nemtsov's killers to justice. Settling for a partial truth this time, however, is not convincing anyone.

“We looked for someone better, but she was at the top of every Google search.”
Senate approves former Google executive for patent chief
The Senate on Monday approved a former Google executive to lead the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, which has been without a confirmed leader for more than two years.
Michelle Lee, who has led the agency for months as deputy director, was approved by voice vote. She will also serve as the under secretary of Commerce for intellectual property.

For my IT Students: Technology you should become familiar with...
How to Know When to Invest in New Small Business Technology
Technology and business are so intertwined that it's often difficult to analyze them independently. This is particularly difficult when you're trying to decide whether it's time to invest in new small business technology. The fact that there are so many new technologies, tools, and resources only compounds the problem.
… If technology isn't your strong suite, it's important that you surround yourself with industry experts who know what they're talking about. And while you may not be able to afford the salary of an in-house technology expert, there are always options to outsource your IT needs. Regardless of how you do it, it's time to consider investing in new technologies for the future of your company. Here are five excellent areas on which to focus.
Cloud technology
The cloud continues to grow rapidly, and you would be wise to invest in cloud computing and cloud storage sooner rather than later.
Responsive Web design
As the number of mobile devices in the marketplace increases, investing in responsive Web design ensures that your website provides a high-quality user experience—no matter what device your customers use to access the site.
Social media monitoring
As mentioned earlier, monitoring your growing social media presence can be extremely challenging. Thankfully, you'll find a number of tools and resources designed to keep you in the loop and warn you when you need to address an issue. Most of these social media monitoring tools are cost-effective and completely scalable.
Mobile devices
Mobile devices remove geographical borders and let you work from anywhere. If you aren't already using tablets and smartphones, now's the time to catch up.
Automated marketing
Perhaps nothing is more impactful than a sophisticated automated marketing solution.

For my Data Management and Business Intelligence students.
30 Best Social Media Monitoring Tools For Business
Too many businesses fail when it comes to using social media because they do not understand everything that it entails. This is because they participate in just reaching out, like with traditional media. Instead, they should be interacting, actively participating and building relationships with their customer base.
In a nut shell, they're not using social media monitoring tools to listen to the online environment and react accordingly.
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How Smart CEOs Use Social Tools to Their Advantage

For my website students.
5 Online Sources to Get Free Images for Your Blog or Project
… The most well-known sources for free images is Creative Commons, and its motherlode in Wikimedia Commons among other Public Domain sources. But there are countless other sites focused on this subject. And we have covered a vast number of them. Why, it was only last year that Saikat wrote about some good images to get with your email. And here we now have 5 more.

Very basic, but the headline says it all.
Simple Search Strategies Your Students May Be Overlooking
Over the years I've written about advanced web search strategies shared by Daniel Russel. And I've written about alternative search engines that have come and gone over the years. But often times students don't have to dive into complex strategies and databases in order to find a lot of great information. In the slides embedded below I have outlined some simple search strategies that can be powerful when students remember to employ them.
These slides are the basis of a presentation that I will be giving on March 31st as part of Simple K12's afternoon of Google Apps webinars.

Grampar ain't to happy neither... An infographic.
Is Text Messaging Hurting Our Grammar?
We all tend 2 write a lil diff when we r writing txt messages with friends. FYI, this shorthand might be hurting your grammar!
Seriously, though, strong grammar comes from building good habits, and breaking them when texting can end up leading to the formation of bad ones, which can ultimately lead to poor grammar. This is especially true for people who don’t write a lot in their daily lives. Turning off the urge to say “U” instead of “you” can be hard if you’re not accustomed to it!
Take a look at this infographic n c 4 urself! :)

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