Monday, March 23, 2015

If the police were relying on “encryption in a box” they don't understand security. If everyone uses the same encryption, loss of one machine compromises everyone. Even after the Poles stole an Enigma machine from the Germans in 1939 it took years to reliably decrypt messages.
From the where-is-Captain-Midnight-when-you-need-him dept.:
Theft of an electronic instrument worth around Rs 3 lakh [$4816.53 – Dissent] from the building of Dang district superintendent of police, Ahwa, has created panic among top national security agencies. Sources in police claim that the stolen device is a decoder of encrypted secret code language used by intelligence agencies to exchange top secret information.
The device is called as Cipher or N-decoder and only government-authorized agencies can procure it. [and the occasional burglar. Bob] Naxal activities were reported from Dang in recent past and theft of this device has created major challenge for police. All the top security agencies, part of armed forces, police or special operation groups use these devices to receive and share information.
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A lot of speculation but will we see a different Putin?
Is Putin Losing Power?
Vladimir Putin’s recent disappearance from public view for over a week fed wild rumors about a possible coup and his removal from power.
… The story of the coup has revealed something very interesting about the secretive world of Russian politics. First of all, when the rumors first surfaced the population remained calm. Forget Mr. Putin’s 85% approval rating, there were no demonstrations and no visible signs of any reaction on the part of the Russian people. They remained silent. Second, media comments also did not reveal any particular anxiety about the possible removal of Mr. Putin. One could even sense a sigh of relief. Even the response from the Russian nationalists was rather favorable. Igor Strelkov—the former commander of the rebel army in the east of Ukraine—speculated about the advantages of removing Putin from power.

Unfortunate that the law has so many holes in it that this is the only way to avoid someone using these domains for “evil purposes.” I note that she did not buy which also becomes available under the new domain name rules. What is their definition of a “celebrity?” If someone takes my name in vain, do I have recourse?
Here’s Why Taylor Swift Just Bought Some Porn Sites with Her Name on Them
Taylor Swift has a very good reasons for quickly snapping up new websites and She bought them so that neither you, nor anyone on her long list of ex-lovers could buy them first. The purchase is part of a larger controversial practice called “domain squatting” and it just became a much bigger issue for celebrities and corporations.
… Among those new gTLDs are some salacious options like .porn, .sucks, and .adult so ICANN is allowing celebrities and corporations (basically anyone with a brand or trademark to protect), to get first dibs on the more controversial gTLDs before they become available to any and everyone on June 1st.

I hope my students could write better raps. I know they could sing better raps. Now all they need to do is learn the math!
Short Math and Science Lessons in Rap Form
Rhyme 'n Learn is a series of math and science lessons presented in short rap music form. About half of the raps are provided in video format with visuals to support the lesson. The other half of the lessons are audio only, but do have transcripts available to help your students or you follow along. A couple of the video raps are embedded below.

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