Sunday, September 28, 2014

9News reports that Madison Street Provider Network, Inc., dba Omni Eye Specialists, Spivack Vision Center, Madison Street Surgery Center, Madison Street Anesthesia, and Madison Street Company Nurse Practitioner said they were a target of a data breach and will be notifying patients.
Stay tuned, as there’s no notification on any web site(s) yet.

Just in time for the start of my Intro to Computer Security class.
Data breaches reach record levels in 2014
In 2014 so far, there have been 568 data breaches involving more than 75 million records, of which 56 million occurred at Home Depot stores, according to data released by the Identity Theft Resource Center.
The data breach at Home Depot Inc. was the largest ever in the history of the retail business globally, beating last year’s 40 million at Target Corp. in 2013, and 45.6 million at TJX Companies Inc. in 2007.
Of the 568 breaches, 247 (43.5%) were in the medical & healthcare sector, which posted a total of 7.14 million records taked, or 9.15% of the total.
The business sector accounts for 63 million records breached out of the 75 million so far this year, or 84% of the total.
There were 23 banking/credit/financial breaches involving 172,320 customers’ records, which is only 0.2% of all the records hacked.
There were 62 government/military breaches involving 2.748 million records hacked, or 3.7% of the total.
In education, there were 41 breaches, involving 1.526 million records taken, representing 2% of the total.

“Oh look, another slice of technology we can add to our product without considering the implications!” (It's not just Corvette designers making this mistake.)
Corvette's 'valet mode' is illegal depending on where you live
When we took the Corvette Performance Data Recorder for a spin at CES this year we'd never have guessed that the system could cause a run-in with Johnny Law. As it turns out, the system's audio recording feature that activates when the car's put into valet mode doesn't jive with privacy statutes in a handful of states. In fact, using it could be a felony depending where you live. Chevrolet, for its part, is apparently attempting to skirt any legal issues that may arise by notifying dealerships and giving them letters to pass out to customers. The correspondence alerts owners about the possible privacy issue, as noticed by Jalopnik when a sample was posted to Corvette Forum.

A question for my students. What should you pay someone who brings $200 Billion in assets to your company?
Bond King will hope for a great start at Janus
… Come Monday morning, Gross will join Denver-based Janus and next month will take over its Unconstrained Bond Fund, which was only organised in May. Janus is an asset management firm once known for picking hot internet stocks.

For my i-students. 'cause a still picture is so 1800's...
– is the fun new way to have face-to-face video conversations with people you know and people you’ll meet – from friends and family to anyone, anywhere in the world. Tap a Selfie and it comes alive. Reply to any Selfie with a video Selfie of your own. Slide between Selfies to watch Conversations unfold.

A chance to teach reciprocals! 'cause I'm pretty sure I've done 24 pull ups in the last 4182 months... (Yeah, I know. His was measured in hours. I'm trying to be believable here.)
Math Teacher Breaks Pull Up World Record
Kyle Gurkovich, a middle school math teacher from New Jersey broke the pull up world record. He made 4182 pull ups in 24 hours breaking the previous record made by a Navy Seal.

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