Sunday, July 13, 2014

Funny we don't hear more about these breaches.
67 Percent of Critical Infrastructure Providers Were Breached Last Year
by Sabrina I. Pacifici on Jul 12, 2014
Jeff Goldman - eSecurity PlanetJeff Goldman - “A recent survey of 599 security executives at utility, oil and gas, energy and manufacturing companies in 13 countries has found that 67 percent have experienced at least one security breach in the past 12 months that led to the loss of confidential information or the disruption of operations. The survey, conducted by the Ponemon Institute and sponsored by Unisys, also found that 64 percent of respondents anticipate one or more serious attacks in the coming year — and fully 78 percent anticipate an attack on their organizations’ industrial control systems (ICS) or supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems within the next year.”

For my Ethical Hackers. Own the signature, own the signer.
– sign documents anywhere or get anyone’s signature for free. Need to sign a document? Need to get someone’s signature on a document? SignNow makes it easy to do both for free. Upload a document and sign realistically with your finger or with a photo. People won’t even know your signature was electronic.

Interesting, but I ain't buying it. I'd much rather pay for performance, which in banking would include measures of trustworthiness.
CalPERS Ex-CEO Buenrostro Guilty Plea Explains Why Bankers Make So Much Money
The ex-CEO of CalPERS, Fred Buenrostro, has just pleaded guilty to accepting doucers, cash bribes and fees for placing investment business with a specific firm. The economic point that this helps us elucidate is why bankers and fund managers make such vast incomes normally. It’s a concept called “efficiency wages”. Essentially, when stripped right down, if people are handling or responsible for a large amount of money then pay them very well. So that it’s not actually worth their trying to do anything naughty, the risk of losing that high income is greater than what they can gain by being naughty.

For my entrepreneurial students. See? It doesn't have to be a new technology (or potato salad). Once upon a time, every bedroom in America had an alarm clock and a radio. Panasonic made millions by combining them into one device.
A Guy Raised More Than $3 Million On Kickstarter By Reinventing The Cooler
An Oregon man who set out to reinvent the familiar cooler you take to the beach or on camping trips has already raised $3 million for the project, and his fundraising effort is on track to possibly beat the Kickstarter record, The Oregonian reports.
Launched just four days ago, Ryan Grepper's "Coolest Cooler" has raised $3.2 million of his $50,000 goal, and he still has 48 days left.
Besides the aesthetically pleasing design and it being able to keep drinks and food cool, it includes just about every possible feature you might want to have for a fun day out:
It has a built-in ice crushing blender, storage for plates and a knife, bottle opener, USB charger for your electronics, Bluetooth speaker to listen to some tunes, and even an LED light so you can fish out a drink in the dark.

For my students who still have a working XP machine.
How To Make Lubuntu Look Like Windows XP

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