Thursday, October 31, 2013

“Tis the season...” (The article has pictures)
Nordstrom Finds Cash Register Skimmers
Scam artists who deploy credit and debit card skimmers most often target ATMs, yet thieves can also use inexpensive, store-bought skimming devices to compromise modern-day cash registers. Just this past weekend, for instance, department store chain Nordstrom said it found a half-dozen of these skimmers affixed to registers at a store in Florida.
The fraud devices in this case resemble small keyloggers that are sold by dozens of stores for approximately $30 to $40 apiece. These hardware keyloggers are essentially Ps/2 connectors that are about an inch in length. The tiny data storage devices are usually purple in color to match the color-coded standard for keyboards, and are made to be inserted between the male end of a PS/2 keyboard connector and the female receptor on a computer.

Resources for Computer Security
CRS – Cybersecurity: Authoritative Reports and Resources
by Sabrina I. Pacifici on October 30, 2013
Cybersecurity: Authoritative Reports and Resources - Rita Tehan, Information Research Specialist. October 25, 2013
“Cybersecurity is a sprawling topic that includes national, international, government, and private industry dimensions. In the 113th Congress, 5 bills have been introduced in the Senate and 7 in the House. More than 40 bills and resolutions with provisions related to cybersecurity were introduced in the first session of the 112th Congress, including several proposing revisions to current laws. In the 111th Congress, the total was more than 60. Several of those bills received committee or floor action, but none became law. In fact, no comprehensive cybersecurity legislation has been enacted since 2002. This report provides links to cybersecurity hearings and legislation under consideration in the 113th Congress and those considered in the 112th Congress, as well as executive orders and presidential directives, data and statistics, glossaries, and authoritative reports.”

Interesting question in the age of Big Data...
Are You Ready for a Chief Data Officer?

“But Officer, I wasn't texting I was watching a safe driving video!”
Woman gets ticket for wearing Google Glass while driving

Clearly, this is where they've been heading.
Every move you make
Every vow you break
Every smile you fake
Every claim you stake
I'll be watching you
The Police (who else)
Facebook contemplates tracking your every move
Facebook is testing new Web and mobile tracking methods to better understand member behavior and determine things such as how long people hover over various types of content. The company is mulling whether to incorporate such data collection practices on a broader scale, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday.
The social network ultimately aims to enhance its existing collection of demographic and behavioral data on members, and would use the additional information to improve its products and advertising targeting capabilities, Ken Rudin, Facebook's head of analytics, told the Journal.

Amazing how you can do research in real time... (Unless you work for the government)
The Most Embarrassing Possible Split-Screen Happened While Kathleen Sebelius Testified On Obamacare

Something my Website students can duplicate...
Side-scrolling, Mario-inspired resume rocks the job hunt

For my Ethical Hackers (and Computer Security managers everywhere!)
40 inappropriate actions to take against an unlocked PC

For my Computer Security students.
If you are a cyber security expert – or you are on your way to becoming one – you’d better stock up on Ray-Bans. Your future is so bright, you’re going to need them.
According to an article published by NBC News, there is a global shortage of skilled cyber security professionals.
The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics says the number of Information Technology security roles in the U.S. will increase by some 22 percent in the decade to 2020, creating 65,700 new jobs. Experts say it is a similar situation globally, with salaries often rising 5-7 percent a year.

I can't wait!
Aereo to launch in Denver as it scampers to year-end goal

Didn't I put a few in your stocking a few years back? I still need to find an Economist to explain this to me.
Man forgets he once bought $25 of Bitcoins -- now worth $848K

I know I do it all wrong.
Tips to Write Successful Blog Posts and Draw in More Readers
… Yes, there are lots of SEO techniques and SEO tools that you can use to draw in traffic, but what good is bringing in the crowds if they just take one look at your writing and leave immediately? In this article, I’m going to draw from about a decade of blogging experiences and lessons learned and provide you with a list of 5 critical things that make up a killer blog post.

Fair use? Might make for some interesting “Bad Lip Reading” videos...
– is a resource for teachers to make their own video lessons, using videos already on the Internet in places like YouTube, Khan Academy, EDpuzzle and more. When you have specified the URL, crop it to the part you need, and change the audio to your own voice explaining things your own way, also including questions, quizzes, notes, clarifications and a conclusion.

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