Thursday, July 04, 2013

Clearly there is a class of lawyers who love class actions.

David F. McDowell, D. Reed Freeman Jr., and Jacob M. Harper, Morrison & Foerster LLP write:
While we have seen a new wave of privacy class actions, the issues facing the federal courts are the same: how to reconcile an inarticulable discomfort with data methods asserted in privacy class actions with their constitutional mandate to address only plaintiffs with standing: the requirement that courts remedy only “concrete” and “particularized” injuries.
This article addresses how federal courts are dealing with notions of privacy harm in the online tracking context. While courts have historically told privacy plaintiffs to seek redress elsewhere—Congress, agencies, the states—district judges have been increasingly open to new notions of harm that allow them, rather than other government bodies, to address the growing but amorphous conception that something about the way their gadgets work does not feel right. The U.S. Supreme Court’s recent decision in Clapper v. Amnesty Int’l USA, which held that fear of injury in context of government surveillance does not constitute a cognizable injury,8 may cause those courts to reverse once again and dismiss such suits.
Read their review and discussion on Bloomberg Law.

If the RIAA/MPAA “Voice of Doom” is correct, they will be out of business by the end of the week.
Walking Dead publisher drops DRM
The publisher of the Walking Dead, Saga, Witchblade, and the Savage Dragon announced on Tuesday that it's closing the book on digital rights management. New books from Image Comics are now available for digital download from its online store without DRM.
Readers can purchase new books from in several platform-agnostic formats: PDF, EPUB, CBR, and CBZ. Previous publishing agreements haven't changed, so people who prefer to buy from proprietary apps such as Comixology, Amazon, and Apple will still be able to do so.
Ron Richards, Image Comics' marketing honcho, told the comics news site ComicBookResources that the DRM-free books would benefit comics creators the most. "There's no cut for Comixology or Apple or any other piece getting taken out," he said. "Ideally for a creator, sales through the Image Web site gets them the most money per sale."

For all my students: Being able to touch type makes everything else easier...
I’ve found a Chrome typing extension that makes the progression feel easier and more natural. It’s called Type Fu.
… Type Fu has a feature called auto-adjust difficulty level, which analyzes your performance over the course of multiple type lessons and automatically graduates you to the next level when you meet the criteria. This criteria is based on words-per-minute and typing accuracy.
You can always view your progress with speed charts, accuracy charts, as well as most typed keys and most mistyped keys charts.
… I’m having a blast with Type Fu and it’s the best free typing tutor that I’ve encountered.

New Shakespeare discovered! For the intellectual improvement of my students. I alread have this one on hold at my local library.
William Shakespeare's Star Wars
Need I say more?

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