Monday, August 21, 2006

War is an economic event. Isn't this war?

Illegal internet phone cards claim 90% of market

20:54' 20/08/2006 (GMT+7) Soạn: AM 872491 gửi đến 996 để nhận ảnh này

VietNamNet Bridge – Though many Vietnamese companies provide prepaid internet phone cards, more than 90% of the market is filled by smuggled cards.

The market for internet phone cards in Vietnam is growing at 30% per annum. However, illegal cards claim more of the domestic market than legal ones.

Illegal cards are distributed widely and publicly, with no hindrance from state agencies. [How can that be? Bob] Users can buy illegal cards from almost any IT or phone shop, although the primary stockists are internet agents.

Could Dell set a new standard for product recall?

Dell gives enterprises options in battery recall

Dell is working with corporate customers to develop strategies for getting their users replacement batteries

By Robert Mullins, IDG News Service August 21, 2006

Dell has come up with several ways to help corporate customers replace defective laptop batteries that may have thousands of the dangerous batteries deployed all over their enterprises.

"We are working with customers to develop a plan that best suits their specific circumstances," said Anne Camden, a spokeswoman for Dell, in Round Rock, Texas. "But we are constantly tweaking the plan."

... Dell is pursuing any one of three strategies to help corporate customers get replacement batteries, Camden said. For companies with a large dedicated IT staff, that staff will track down the affected laptops within the company, order the replacements and install them when they arrive from Dell. In other instances, Dell may set up and staff kiosks on the campus of a corporate customer to handle the recall.

But the third option may be the most likely: "In some cases, some larger corporate customers may just leave it to the end user," [This is not wise, is it? Bob] Camden said.

... If an enterprise has people in offices scattered around the country or the world, the simplest thing for them to do is have each employee go to Dell's Web site, determine if their battery is subject to the recall, and apply online for a replacement to be sent to that field office, Jacobsen said.

The hardest thing to do: Rethink old concepts...'s+top+stories

AUGUST 20, 2006 Technology By Olga Kharif

A Quantum Leap for Cell Phones

A new no-buttons handset by Pilotfish and Synaptics signals that mobiles as we know them may soon be a thing of the past

It's likely to evoke the children's song inquiring, "Where's the button?" On Aug. 21, designer Pilotfish and sensor maker Synaptics are releasing a prototype of a cell phone, and the funny thing is, it doesn't have any buttons.

Instead, the Onyx device understands signs and gestures, thanks to the sensitive touch pad covering most of its surface. It opens and closes applications when swiped by one or two fingers. The phone recognizes shapes and body parts. Lift Onyx to your cheek and it will pick up a call.

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