Sunday, August 27, 2006

A friend dropped one of these CDs on me yesterday. I plan to make copies for my students and thought you might find them useful yourselves. The will make great stocking-stuffers come Christmas!


Version 1.45 available July 28th, 2006. Changelog | Download.

What is the TTCS OSSWIN CD?

The TTCS OSSWIN CD is a collection of over 100 Free/Open Source software for home and business users using the Microsoft Windows 98SE/Me/2000 and XP operating systems.

Help me understand why anyone would rely on evidence obtained by this guy? No chance he planted it? Is illegally obtained information admissible?

The Story of the Pedophile-catching Hacker

Posted by Zonk on Saturday August 26, @04:45PM from the small-world dept. Privacy The Courts The Internet

missing30 writes "A Turkish hacker seeding usenet groups with trojan horses has made it a habit to hunt down pedophiles trolling the groups. The cases go back to 2000, with the mysterious good samaritan responsible for several arrests. The man now has tacit approval from the FBI for his actions." [Since we can't catch him... Bob]

From the article: "At the urging of Montgomery Police Capt. Kevin Murphy, '1069' eventually turned over more and more information that led back to a computer owned by Bradley Joseph Steiger, who had worked as an emergency room physician in Alabama. The hacker's finds included information from Steiger's AT&T WorldNet account, records from his checking account, and a list of directories on his computer's hard drive where sexually explicit photographs were stored."

Isn't this sad? We should help them with this problem. I'll take a few million if you will.

Google Seeks SEC Exemption on Investing

By Miles Weiss Bloomberg News 08/26/06 4:00 AM PT

Google's $10 billion would make it a midsize mutual fund.

“Steal This Film” has a blog entry about a film about “piracy” and its politics in Sweden, including a bit about the Swedish Pirate Party. Appropriately enough, you can download it for free.

Kerala logs Microsoft out

M SARITA VARMA Posted online: Saturday, August 26, 2006 at 0025 hours IST

THIRUVANANTHAPRUAM, AUG 25: After the cola ban, it is now the turn of Microsoft to log out of Kerala. Children in 12,500 high schools in the state, India’s most literate, will not be taught Windows. Instead, instructors are lining up Linux for them. This is because Kerala has chalked out a plan for migrating its high school students to free software platforms in three years.

Although Linux was already blipping on the Kerala IT@School project radar, and the plans of VS Achuthanandan’s government to develop the state as a Foss (free and open software systems) destination has expedited the open software plans.

Free software guru Richard Stallman’s visit last week had nudged the schools to discard the proprietary software altogether,” state education minister MA Baby told FE. “Stallman has inspired Kerala’s transition to free software on the lines of an exciting model of a Spanish province, which did the same,” the minister said.

... There are other reasons as well. A sting operation by Microsoft in October 2005 had not endeared the proprietary software to PC and peripherals dealers. Often PC vendors are caught between customers’ demand for free pirated software along with hardware, and the fine print of law. Some dealers in Kerala even see the Foss market as a narrow, but a safe corridor out of this mess.

Learn mashups from IBM. Who'd a thunk it?

The ultimate mashup -- Web services and the semantic Web, Part 1: Use and combine Web services

Explore mashup concepts and build a simple mashup

developerWorks Level: Intermediate Nicholas Chase (, Freelance writer, Backstop Media 22 Aug 2006

... The purpose of this tutorial series is to create a mashup application so smart that users can literally add and remove services at will, and the system will know what to do with them. The series progresses as follows:

Play Simcity for free

rcvictory submitted by rcvictory 13 hours 28 minutes ago (via )

Play original simcity online at no cost

The Future?

Brazilian Drug Users Won't Face Jail

The Associated Press Friday, August 25, 2006; 11:22 PM

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil -- Drug users who don't engage in dealing will no longer be sent to prison under a new drug law now in effect across Brazil, officials said Friday.

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